Quick tip: Remove the uSkinned credit at the bottom of your Umbraco 7 theme

How do I remove the uSkinned credit link at the bottom of my Umbraco CMS theme?

uSkinned Member

Obviously, we'd love it if you kept the uSkinned credit at the bottom of your site. :-)

That being said, it's actually really easy to make this change. Just follow these quick steps:

Step 1.

Login to the CMS > Go to Settings > Expand Templates > Open USN Master > Go to line 162-165 (this will vary slightly from theme to theme)

Step 2.

Find then remove this code:

<li class="site-credit pull-right">
<div>a premium Umbraco theme from</div>
<a target="_blank" title="Link will open in a new window/tab" href="http://www.uskinned.net"><span>uSkinned</span></a>

That's it. 

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