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How to download and install uSkinned Site Builder with NuGet

Latest compatible version:
Umbraco 13.4.0
uSkinned Site Builder 6.1.2

Step 1

With the command line open and running Umbraco CMS, run the following command:

dotnet add package uSkinnedSiteBuilder

Step 2

Wait while the package is installed. The command line will run through each part of the process.

Step 3

Once the installation has been completed, navigate to the local URL provided by the command line.

The console will output a message similar to: 

[10:57:39 INF] Now listening on: https://localhost:44388

The URL will be similar to: 


Step 4

Open your preferred browser and navigate to the local URL. 

uSkinned Site Builder will now be running.


Step 1

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Step 4


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