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Keep on track of new functionality and fixes in the Site Builder changelog.

Umbraco 13 versions: 13.0.0 — 13.3.0

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 13: 6.1.2

Release date: 13th May 2024

13th May 2024

Version 6.1.2

Umbraco 13

Fix - In version 6.1.1 we forgot to include the updates folder located at ~/usn/updates/6_1_1. This folder is required if running updates from previous versions. We have now included the updates folder located at ~/usn/updates/6_1_2 with this release to resolve upgrade issues. You only need to upgrade to 6.1.2 if you have upgraded from a previous version to 6.1.1.

1st May 2024

Version 6.1.1

Umbraco 13

Fix - Null reference exception when new listing pages are created with default settings.

28th March 2024

Version 6.1.0

Umbraco 13

New - 28 new Google fonts bringing the total to 1611.

New - Custom Fonts can now be assigned directly via Design Fonts.

New - Option to select default sort order on listing and shop pages.

New - Disable WebP compression on specific images.

New - Site credit control via Global footer.

New - Search links can now have associated icon.

New - Define rel attributes on all links and navigation items.

New - Background images can be added to header section.

New - Global design option to allow enable/disable of image zoom effect on hover.

New - Content templates moved from Settings to new Templates section.

Enhancement - Sticky CSS more efficient.

Enhancement - Loader added to all custom datatypes.

Enhancement - Design nodes can now be created as Content Templates and edited.

Enhancement - All CSS files associated with header layouts broken up into individual files and served only when required.

Enhancement - Removed redundant CSS from Site Search.

Enhancement - Reduced JavaScript required to initiate slider carousels.

Enhancement - Added instructions to form picker datatype to make options clearer to editors.

Enhancement - Removed deprecated umb-overlay from Mega Nav and Multi Url Picker. Replaced with Infinite Editor.

Enhancement - Fixed modal window to allow 0 days for when it will open again. Means you can have the modal opening each time a page is hit. Also updated the description on the setting as it was correct on Global settings but incorrect on pages.

Enhancement - Improved efficiency of check to recognise NotPages appsettings.

Enhancement - New language file to change "Link title" text to "Link text" in link pickers.

Enhancement - Defaults added for all uSkinned appsettings.

Fix - 404 header response added to page not found logic.

Fix - Domain list on dashboard can now display duplicates.

Fix - Open link for reusable content items now works.

Fix - Fix spacing issue on Umbraco Forms.

Fix - Updated programatic saving, creating and publishing of content to log correct user.

Fix - Category navigation on blog posts had not been updated to new format so sub categories were not being displayed.

Fix - Header, footer and master background images were missing lazyload class.

20th December 2023

Version 6.0.0

Umbraco 13

Enhancement — Bootstrap updated to 5.3.2

Enhancement — Accessible text added to social links.

Enhancement — Async calls added to gallery functions.

Fix — Improved image formatting options in Rich Text Editor.

Fix — Improved null checking in custom data types and design panel.

Fix — Improved null checking in Examine search for listing pages.

Fix — Keyboard visible fix on shopping cart.

Umbraco 12 versions: 12.0.0 — 12.3.9

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 12: 5.2.0

Release date: 28th November 2023

28th November 2023

Version 5.2.0

Umbraco 12

New — 108 new Google fonts bringing the total to 1583

New — New App Setting to control source of Google fonts. Can now make Google fonts GDPR compliant by using different source.

Enhancement — Significantly reduced file size of google-fonts.json file used to populate Google fonts available

Enhancement — Multiple authors now possible on blog posts.

Enhancement — New label added to Umbraco Forms picker to instruct users to disable default stylesheet.

Fix — Minor z-index position issue with the filter dropdowns.

Fix — Umbraco Forms CSS updated to hide hidden fields again. Umbraco forms 12.1.2 broke previous styling.

Fix — Umbraco Forms CSS updated to fix z-index issue on checkboxes.

Fix — Side by side button margins fixed.

Fix — Underline link setting ignored when used in Modal with item headings.

Fix — Source of Rich Text Editor stylesheet fixed to avoid console errors.

3rd November 2023

Version 5.1.0

Umbraco 12

New — Option to hide current page from Sub page listing components and pods.

Enhancement — Attribute updates to lazyframe iframes for Vimeo and Youtube videos. Allows wider usage of fullscreen and picture-in-picture feature.

Enhancement — Remove !important from a utility class override. Can now use more display bootstrap utilities.

Enhancement — Make reset button and selected count sticky within listing filter.

Enhancement — Match height of items within carousels.

Enhancement — RTE Editor stylesheet can now be customised if creating own codebase.

Fix — Change collapsing filters on Listing pages to a button.

Fix — Update base controller to return default model if document type is not using uSkinned templates.

Fix — Change to description on reCaptcha V3 validation. Score was not explained correctly.

Fix — Removed allowed document types below main listing page.

Fix — RSS feed description was not pulling through.

Fix — Amended alt tag logic on banners. Error was happening if video banner was used without a fallback image.

Fix — Removed debug tag from preview mode javascript when running in production mode.

Fix — File path to grey placeholder image which is displayed if images are too large for frontend.

Fix — Selected state of list filters now visible in iOS.

Fix — Offset of listing/shop filter navigation has been corrected for all header layouts

22nd August 2023

Version 5.0.2

Umbraco 12

New — error.html file located at route level of website which can be used for friendly custom 500 error pages.

Enhancement — Updates to license checking to improve host detection and messaging.

15th August 2023

Version 5.0.1

Umbraco 12

Fix — max-width on secondary navigation for burger navigation to resolve alignment on some header layouts.

Fix — Spacing issue on first and last children of an element.

Fix — Minor amend to listing CSS to resolve margin/alignment issue.

Fix — Removed extra quote within multi-node tree picker html view which caused nodes to not be selectable on some customer environments.

Fix — Javascript update to variant pricing to properly format floating point numbers that cannot be represented correctly.

27th July 2023

Version 5.0.0

Umbraco 12

New — Compatible with Umbraco 12.

Fix — Margin issue on first and last text content.

Umbraco 11 versions: 11.4.2 - 11.5.0

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 11: 4.1.3

Release date: 24th July 2023

24th July 2023

Version 4.1.3

Umbraco 11

New — Selected list filters displayed as pills with option to clear.

New — Breadcrumb component.

New — Banner design option to change icon direction.

New — Membership signup email alerts.

Enhancement — Expand/collapse option on subpage navigation.

Enhancement — Improved screen reader accessibility for background images.

Enhancement — Updated styling for checkboxes and radio buttons.

Enhancement — Improved spacing for labels on items.

Enhancement — Added ViewContent event for Facebook meta pixel code.

Fix — Update to search results view to prevent injection of script code via search term.

Fix — Resizing height issue on slick carousel.

Fix — Change to banner z-index to allow sticky items to go in front.

Fix — Cursor pointer added to labels on checkbox/radios for Umbraco Forms.

Fix — Hide from path functionality updated to account for route domains with more than one start directory.

24th May 2023

Version 4.1.2

Umbraco 11

Enhancement — All Rich Text Editors updated to remove fixed height. Height now increases as you type.

Fix — Split component now defaults to 50/50 column split.

Fix — Banner small image was not using WebP conversion.

Fix — Windows section small image was not using WebP conversion.

Fix — Placeholder image was not referencing correct codebase folder in windows section.

Fix — List filter CSS amended to fix border radius oand offsets for header styles 15 and 16.

Fix — Remove role=button from back to top link.

Fix — Expand filter on listings was not using dictionary item.

Fix — Page not found logic amended to avoid object reference errors in some scenarios.

Fix — Wrong capitalisation used in MultiUrlPicker which was resulting in selected theme not found in backoffice on Linux environments.

Fix — Color picker was not working in MultiUrlPicker when using language variants.

Fix — Default list pages to show 12 items if nothing selected.

Fix — RSS feed was outputing incorrect links to post items.

12th April 2023

Version 4.1.1

Umbraco 11

Fix — License model was not working for sub domains.

6th April 2023

Version 4.1.0

Umbraco 11

NEW — Snipcart shop integration.

NEW — Customisable listing pages with filtering.

NEW — Licensing model to remove dependency on third party library.

Enhancement — Improved performance of pagination based on best practice.

Enhancement — New option on searches to show or hide protected content.

Enhancement — max-width on the member login text incase an email or name is really long, adds an elipse after certain width.

Enhancement — Blank email template included for use with Umbraco Forms.

Fix — Update to 404 logic to find correct 404 page in multi-site environment.

Fix — Force animation delay and duration to use period separator. Resolves issue on sites where culture setting uses a comma for fractional numbers.

Fix — WebP output on site logo was not working.

Fix — Update to design panel directive for color picker. Solves issue when directive for palette picker is called before pallete array is populated with items.

Fix — Update to design panel to only show alert message when changes have been made.

Fix — Updated sub page listing functionality on Blog and new Listing pages. Previously didnt account for these page types being on sub pages.

Fix — Meta description was not being used on search result pages.

Fix — Use WebP image for lazy load.

Fix — New message added to all data types that require knowledge of theme being used. This stops errors being displayed in Umrbaco CMS when this information is not available.

Fix — Override design style. Was not working in backoffice. Was showing default color picker instead of colors for overridden style.

Fix — On image galleries, modal window title was not styling as a heading.

Fix — Tab focus for radio buttons and checkboxes was not working in all scenarios.

Fix — Changes to hide from all navigation logic to work with Blog Listings, Block Links and Text Image Pods.

Fix — MuliUrlPicker and additional classes values were getting forgotten when clicking on settings in Umbraco backoffice.

Fix — Reply to address for contact form email submissions changed to email address entered on form.

13th December 2022

Version 4.0.0

Umbraco 11

NEW — Compatible with Umbraco 11 and .NET 7.

Enhancement — 50 new Google fonts. 1475 Google fonts now available

Enhancement — New color palette option available when configuring design colors. Provides handy palette picker within color picker tool.

Fix — Fix use of page title field on search results page and RSS feed.

Fix — Prevent Email confirmation token for member registration being reset if Email link clicked twice.

Fix — Add package migration to install correct formatting options within Rich Text Editor in Umbraco CMS.

Fix — Icons partial view was not outputting correct image type for some icon sizes.

Fix — Removed restriction on naming of Settings node.

Fix — Vary by culture re-enabled on main content Document Types in preparation for Umbraco 11.1.0 which will address issue with unpublished nodes not greyed out.

Umbraco 10 versions: 10.2.1 - 10.8.5

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 10: 3.0.5

Release date: 1st November 2022

1st November 2022

Version 3.0.5

Umbraco 10

Enhancement — New layout options added to Windows component.

Enhancement — Updates to RTE Editor style options to group into organised categories.

Enhancement — Block component and Pod settings grouped into organised tabs.

Enhancement — hCaptcha validation option added to uSkinned forms.

Enhancement — Cloudflare Turnstile validation option added to uSkinned forms.

Enhancement — New uSkinned Dashboard options to create feature pages and new website.

Enhancement — Impove efficiency of paging on Search results page.

Enhancement — New custom print CSS field added to design node.

Enhancement — Start node can now be defined for Sitemap XML.

Enhancement — Start node can now be defined for Search page.

Enhancement — Dictionary items organised into categories.

Enhancement — Minification added to generated global stylesheet and generated custom print stylesheet when not running site in development environment.

Enhancement — Robots TXT updated to allow selection of multiple sitemap pages.

Enhancement — Vary by culture now possible on design override, website logo override and website logo.

Fix — Umbraco forms button hover was set to gradient at all times.

Fix — Password toggle on password fields set to target field that has been activated instead of all password fields on page.

Fix — Culture forced on stylesheet generation so that points are always used instead of commas no matter application culture settings.

Fix — Vary by culture removed from main pages so that unpublished state can be seen in content tree.

Fix — Activation of modal windows on Text/Image Pod if button hidden.

Fix — reCaptcha V3 confidence check was blocking submissions if value was equal to value selected in CMS.

Fix — reCaptcha V3 key saved into wrong setting name in appsettings.json.

Fix — Block editor view and css moved to App_Plugins to enable selection via CMS.

Fix — Fix to hide directory from path logic to work with multi-site setup.

Fix — Modal window blocked if link added to main navigation.

Fix — Multi-lingual navigation on one to one variant sites was not getting correct path to flags.

Fix — Fade in animation was not working.

Fix — Localisation added to Surface Controllers. Solves incorrect link issue on email validation emails and incorrect usage of Dictionary items.

Fix — Background images not working if SVG image used.

Fix — Show logout option if logged in members navigation contains no items.

Fix — Button layout issue when newsletter signup using a single field.

Fix — Hide search option updated to hide button color option.

19th August 2022

Version 3.0.4

Umbraco 10

Fix — Addresses issue where license file path not read properly on Mac and Linux.

Fix — Email Templates moved to wwwroot to resolve issue with files not being copied when project published.

15th August 2022

Version 3.0.3

Umbraco 10

Enhancement — Keyboard no longer tabs into non active tabbed or accordion content.

Enhancement — Removal of deprecated method calls from core libraries.

Fix — Screen reader only content for prev/next and autoplay on carousels.

Fix — Generated stylesheet for current design moved to last reference.

Fix — Added Umbraco Forms dependency to package.

Fix — More robust solution to transparent headers no matter what component is added to a page first or what header layout is used.

Fix — Generated design stylesheets no longer included as files in nuget package. This solves issue of stylesheets being overwritten when project is built.

7th July 2022

Version 3.0.2

Umbraco 10

Enhancement — Print CSS. Fixed image stretch issue. If you open a modal box and choose to print, only the modal content will print instead of the full page.

Fix — Focus visible for keyboard users missing from Shopping Cart.

Fix — Boxpad option on images was not working. Fixed querystring parameter to be compatible with ImageSharp

Fix — Listing text position datatype was missing from Nuget package. Caused issue with any listing components.

5th July 2022

Version 3.0.1

Umbraco 10

Fix — Multiple column dropdown issue.

Fix — Removed Umbraco Forms placeholder. Umbraco Forms must now be installed before uSkinned Site Builder due to new Razor Class Library approach.

1st July 2022

Version 3.0.0

Umbraco 10

Please note, that once you install this version you should regenerate the CSS from each Design. To do this, go to the CMS > Design > Choose each Design > Save and publish.

NEW — Compatible with Umbraco 10 and .NET 6.

Enhancement — Keyboard accessibility users can now focus on all elements, including Navigation, Buttons, Expand/Collapse toggles, Modal Boxes, Gallery Lightwindows, Forms and more.

Enhancement — Keyboard accessibility users can now choose to open and close dropdowns in the navigation.

Enhancement — Keyboard accessibility users can now skip to content and the focus with shift to the correct area.

Enhancement — Keyboard accessibility users can now skip to footer and the focus with shift to the correct area.

Enhancement — New aria-label tags added to all relevant areas for screen readers.

Enhancement — New Dictionary items have been created for each aria-label so that they can be translated.

Enhancement — All modal boxes and gallery light windows now indicate to users that you are opening a modal with the correct role

Enhancement — Play and pause button now available for autoplay carousels.

Enhancement — New aria-hidden tags added to all relevant areas for screen readers.

Enhancement — Keyboard accessibility users can now trigger the burger navigation to close by tabbing away from it.

Enhancement — Keyboard accessibility users can now use back to top button and then refocus in the header area instead of being lost.

Enhancement — Removed unnecessary code from application JS.

Enhancement — Equal heights for items that use background color option.

Enhancement — New appsettings option to hide Document Types from URL path.

Enhancement — Change to embeded videos to allow

Enhancement — New environment helper tags around CSS and JS bundles to disable Smidge during development.

Enhancement — 140 new Google fonts.

Fix — Gradient background issue on Windows component items.

Fix — Contact form checkbox missing correct class name.

Fix — Alternative URL and name field updated to allow vary by culture.

Fix — File casing fix on Global List View for Linux compatibility.

Fix — Issue with Umbraco Forms appsettings stored incorrectly.

Fix — Page background image and hreflang tag were not being output correctly.

Fix — Encryption code for hiding email address on forms upgraded to 256 bytes.

Umbraco 9 versions: 9.3.1 - 9.5.4

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 9: 2.0.3

Release date: 25th April 2022

25th April 2022

Version 2.0.3

Umbraco 9

Enhancement — Default quick links on longer includes hyphen before link. Now a custom class to enable .has-dash

Enhancement — Variety of improvements to defaults Shop CSS in preparation for the eCommerce add-on release.

Enhancement — New Shop CSS for header summary carts in preparation for the eCommerce add-on release.

Enhancement — New class for Ecwid summary cart .ecwid-cart.

Enhancement — Summary cart amount more flexible for large volumes.

Fix — Remove whitespace found in language navigation.

Fix — RTL fixes for Headers.

Fix — Search Form reveal fixes in Headers.

Fix — File path references updated in several locations to account for Linux case sensitivity.

Fix — Update to color picker to show selected state. Recent update to Umbraco caused this to no longer be selected.

30th March 2022

Version 2.0.2

Umbraco 9

Enhancement — Additional instructions on welcome dashboard

Enhancement — Updates to accordion styling to allow better control via design settings.

Enhancement — Additional instructions added to Settings node for page not found setup.

Fix — Javascript and CSS updates to fix Smidge minification issue in backoffice.

Fix — Changed instructions on Advanced Tab of Design node related to custom source code.

Fix — Contact form was sending to email address entered in form instead of recipient defined in CMS.

Fix — Location of Email Templates now controlled by source code location defined in appsettings.json rather than hard coded to uSkinned folder.

Fix — Gallery and video component now pointing to correct placeholder image if user selected image not found or entered.

Fix — Design panel in preview mode was not showing font changes on Medium Headings

Fix — Design node in CMS was not showing font changes on Large Headings

21st March 2022

Version 2.0.1

Umbraco 9

Fix — Missing default favicon

Fix — Now compatible with uSkinned Site Builder license for Umbraco 8

18th March 2022

Version 2.0.0

Umbraco 9

New — Compatible with Umbraco 9 and .NET 5.

Umbraco 8 versions: 8.17.0 - 8.18.13

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 8: 1.1.6

Release date: 9th May 2022

9th May 2022

Version 1.1.6

Umbraco 8

Enhancement — Default quick links on longer includes hyphen before link. Now a custom class to enable .has-dash

Enhancement — Variety of improvements to defaults Shop CSS in preparation for the eCommerce add-on release.

Enhancement — New Shop CSS for header summary carts in preparation for the eCommerce add-on release.

Enhancement — New class for Ecwid summary cart .ecwid-cart.

Enhancement — Summary cart amount more flexible for large volumes.

Fix — Remove whitespace found in language navigation.

Fix — RTL fixes for Headers.

Fix — Search Form reveal fixes in Headers.

Fix — Update to color picker to show selected state. Recent update to Umbraco caused this to no longer be selected.

10th March 2022

Version 1.1.5

Umbraco 8

Enhancement — Increase width of Grid component Block Editor in Umbraco CMS.

Enhancement — Remove uSkinned Umbraco Forms templates. New CSS styles to control default Umbraco Forms template. Removes possibility of breaking changes with Umbraco Forms upgrades.

Fix — Javascript error when logo text clicked.

Fix — Block editor fix to account for difference in null checks with Umbraco 8.18.0. Displays [Hidden] text label correctly based on 'Hide from website' selection.

Fix — Global notification text fields not set to vary by culture.

Fix — Parallax effect on banners not working with latest chromium based browser update.

17th February 2022

Version 1.1.4

Umbraco 8

Fix — Issue with images not appearing on older Safari browsers.

Fix — Favicon not allowing SVG images.

19th January 2022

Version 1.1.3

Umbraco 8

Enhancement — New CSS styles for future Snipcart integration.

Fix — SVG images not working in windows component.

Fix — Detect Vector Graphic and Video media types on the gallery component.

Fix — Dropdown arrow on select box now picks up correct icon style.

Fix — Login form displays friendly message when login success page not selected in CMS.

31st December 2021

Version 1.1.2

Umbraco 8

Fix — User permissions issue when viewing 'Reusable Pods' and 'Reusable Components' if logged into Umbraco CMS as a user who cannot view Settings section. User was automatically logged out of CMS.

Fix — User permissions issue when viewing content node containing 'Split Component' if logged into Umbraco CMS as a user who cannot view Settings section. User was automatically logged out of CMS.

Fix — Additional null check added to images partial view.

17th December 2021

Version 1.1.1

Umbraco 8

Fix — SEO Meta Title was displaying as null in Umbraco CMS content section.

Fix — Previous update had resulted in reCAPTCHAV2 not working.

15th December 2021

Version 1.1.0

Umbraco 8

New — Adobe Fonts support out of the box.

New — Modal (lightwindow) anything.

New — Modal (lightwindow) global triggers.

New — Modal (lightwindow) page triggers.

New — Modal (lightwindow) link to from anywhere.

New — Design settings for Modal (lightwindow).

Enhancement — Blog no longer uses Examine.

Enhancement — Added full support for the all-new Umbraco Tabs.

Enhancement — Removed Matryoshka package dependency.

Enhancement — Block List Editor redesign, including child elements.

Enhancement — Global node redesign.

Enhancement — New Header layouts available.

Enhancement — Membership Registration with Member Group.

Enhancement — Improved out of the box 1-to-1 variant translation.

Enhancement — Descriptions added to nodes within Global.

Enhancement — List View redesign for reusable components.

Enhancement — List View redesign for reusable pods.

Enhancement — Improved SEO and Accessibility on the header expand button.

Enhancement — Improved SEO and Accessibility on the site search expand button.

Enhancement — No crop option is now available for all images.

Enhancement — New crop ratios are available for all images.

Enhancement — Upgrade Umbraco Forms uSkinned theme templates to version 8.8.0.

Fix — Header 14 LG log fix.

Fix — Modal (lightwindow) double scrollbar fix.

Fix — Header 18 LG fix.

Fix — Member Registration get URL.

Fix — Back to top, bottom margin wrongly calculated.

Fix — Updated how Recaptcha scripts are loaded as per Google recommendations.

Fix — Banner background image fix.

Fix — Set border-radius to correct part of an item when the background colour is selected.

Fix — Component background image was not WebP enabled.

Fix — Add a required attribute to all number fields in the Visual Designer in preview mode and CMS.

Fix — Additional colours and buttons can now be added via Visual Designer in preview mode.

Fix — Improve CSS animations settings.

Fix — Correct padding on an item when "icon-images" is set to parent.

Fix — Keyboard focus state now everywhere.

Fix — Delete notification on Main Navigation in CMS.

Fix — Fix to header logo when SVG used and browser being used to view website is Firefox.

20th September 2021

Version 1.0.3

Umbraco 8

New — Random order option for Pods.

New — Random order option for Subpage Listings.

New — Random order option for Related Content.

New — Random order option for Gallery.

New — Random order option for Windows.

New — Random order option for Banner.

New — Background color option for Text/image Pod, Subpage Listing and related content items of any layout - not just overlay style.

New — Select the order of secondary heading and heading in Designs.

New — Hide button on Windows items.

New — Secondary Headings option next to Page Title.

New — Secondary Heading and Heading option on page summary.

New — Script tag field for opening <head>. Available globally and on a page by page basis. Perfect for preload, preconnect and dns-fetch options.

New — Scale banner item now includes all image crop sizes.

Enhancement — Upgrade Bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.5.3.

Enhancement — Upgrade JQuery from 3.5.1 to 3.6.0.

Enhancement — Removed Modernizr. Replace with a minimal amount of code to target touch/no-touch devices.

Enhancement — Removed automatic image resizing in rich text editors.

Enhancement — Explicit dimensions on all images.

Enhancement — Google ReCaptcha V3 option available. ReCaptcha V2 is still an option.

Enhancement — Two new header layouts for large screens.

Enhancement — CSS added for using <pre> code tags.

Enhancement — Twitter Card now pulling large images for social sharing.

Enhancement — Visual Designer button messages. The button will be disabled with a clear message if incorrect data format is added.

Enhancement — Visual Designer input errors. The input will display an error message when incorrect data format is entered.

Enhancement — Single file now controls all headings.

Enhancement — Single file now controls all secondary headings.

Enhancement — Image error message when too large a file is uploaded.

Enhancement — Background image error message when too large a file is uploaded.

Enhancement — 279 new fonts from Google Fonts are now available for selection.

Enhancement — Retina images with half size fallback for non-retina screens.

Enhancement — Bootstrap Tooltips are now available if required.

Enhancement — Umbraco Form partial view updates based on latest release.

Fix — HTML tags allowed in Page Title.

Fix — Reorder and reword Navigation dropdown 

Fix — Header 05 large screen layout issue.

Fix — Umbraco Forms submission use same email template as uSkinned Forms.

Fix — Focus outline when a user enters Secondary navigation with keyboard controls.

Fix — Lightbox prev/next arrows now fixed to viewport edge to ensure they do not move when different image heights are loaded in.

Fix — Vertical alignment of prev/next carousels.

Fix — Consistent wording in CMS and Visual Designer for Navigation Dropdowns.

Fix — Update to CSS for color picker conflict with Umbraco Color picker.

Fix — Modal box CSS updates for a future feature in 1.0.4.

Fix — Small screen padding for Secondary navigation.

Fix — Offscreen back to top link.

Fix — Tidy up of Site Search CSS.

Fix — Site Search border color when used in Header and Footer.

Fix — Language Navigation logic.

Fix — Scroll prompt animates only if animation is selected on the banner item.

11th May 2021

Version 1.0.2

Umbraco 8

Enhancement — Width and height property added to all images — performance and speed enhancement.

Enhancement — CSS import changed to <link> refs in Partial View to ensure all files bundle properly — performance and speed enhancement.

Enhancement — Block editor components now have a new image icon.

Enhancement — Reduced name size on some block components and some label text updated.

Enhancement — Aria labels added to all navigation and tabs — accessibility improvement.

Enhancement — Change #site from <div> to <main> — accessibility improvement.

Fix — Fix issue with line breaks in the accordion component.

Fix — Fix to disable webP support on Banner and Windows section if disabled via web.config setting.

Fix — Fix issues with syncing colors between Umbraco CMS Design Section and uSkinned Design Panel in preview mode.

Fix — Single field form button alignment — fixed.

Fix — Anchor navigation breaks without setting 'Sticky' — fixed.

Fix — Search button sizing wrong on Header 05 LG — fixed.

Fix — Search button and cart size wrong on Header 09 LG — fixed.

Fix — Links inside tabs/accordions breaking lines — fixed.

Fix — Login form 'reset password' link did not allow underlines — fixed.

Fix — Dashboard breaks with long page names in links — Fixed.

Fix — Touch device focus-within on navigation for subpages — Fixed.

6th April 2021

Version 1.0.1

Umbraco 8

Enhancement — New blank email template for Umbraco forms.

Enhancement — A new field was added to the footer to allow the edit of a copyright notice from Umbraco CMS.

Enhancement — New fields were added to pods to include heading and sub heading options.

Enhancement — New setting on designs to allow custom CSS on additional content and button colors.

Fix — Minor layout updates to CSS files.

Fix — Fix issue with uSkinned Tours in CMS not allowing you to complete.

Fix — Several updates across packages to fix issues with the blog and search not working on multi-site environments with different cultures.

Fix — uSkinned dashboard fixes to resolve layout issues when page names are too long.

21st March 2021

Version 1.0.0

Umbraco 8

New — Initial release. Read our release blog post

New — Take the Site Builder tour or read the full feature list

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