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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Umbraco is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) for creating, managing, and sharing your content easily on the web. It is written in C# and deployed on Microsoft based infrastructure. The fact that Umbraco is proven, stable and scalable make it a firm favourite amongst developers and designers.

A uSkinned “Theme” is a design which comes fully integrated with a ready-to-use starter kit. When installed you get a fully functioning website (design, layout and CMS integration) seamlessly on top of the Umbraco CMS. You can then use the website as is, or you can customise it to meet your project requirements.

Take a tour of the features that come with the uSkinned Starter Kits.

You may also hear "Themes" referred to as "Skins", "Tempates" or "Starter Kits".

You can browse our themes on our themes page.

A Starter Kit is the engine behind the theme. The Starter Kit provides all of the features that allow you to edit and manage your website content from the Umbraco CMS.

Each uSkinned Theme is fully integrated with the Umbraco CMS and the Starter Kit provides the pre-coded features and functionality.

Each uSkinned Theme has a pre-coded starter kit that is specific to the Theme design allowing content editors to easily manage the website from the Umbraco CMS.

Take a tour of the features that come with the uSkinned Starter Kits.

Once you have installed Umbraco on your site, it's really very simple. It’s a matter of installing our theme packages into your Umbraco install.

Our installer script will automatically unpack all of the design, layout and content structures as well as all the end-user functionality into your CMS install – with just a few clicks of your mouse you have a fully-featured website ready to customise and populate with content.

Clear step-by-step installation instructions are outlined in our install guide. There’s also a video where you can watch ‘over our shoulder’ as we install a skin.

The beauty of Umbraco is it is extensible and extendable to your hearts desire. That doesn’t change when you use uSkinned. If you are a developer and you want to add functionality then there are no restrictions to coding and integrating your own customisations with our themes – it’s the same as any other Umbraco install.

In terms of changing the look, feel and design. This is also very straightforward. Nothing is locked down so just jump right into the html or CSS and tweak anything you wish.

In fact, uSkinned is a designers dream. You can now have a fully featured Umbraco site for your client, without the need to do any server side coding. With our Starter Kits out-of-the-box features we’ve built all the functionality you need, leaving you to go to create your own beautiful design on top of our starter kit.

Finally, many customisations of your uSkinned theme can occur without the need to touch any code. We have a host of configuration options within the CMS admin that enable you to change layout’s, define content structures and optimise content so for most of the time, you may find you don’t even need to get your hands dirty.

Please use this form for any support enquiries. We aim to respond to all enquiries within a 24hr period.

We do not provide product support via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter nor do we offer phone support or live chat.

Support enquiries are restricted to questions relating directly to uSkinned code or installation.

Our support service does not cover products supplied by 3rd Parties or issues related to the Umbraco CMS itself.

For information and support with Umbraco, please use the Umbraco forum where there is a friendly community of people to help you.

If you require a bespoke customisation of one of our themes, then contact us here for a quote.

No. We find it easier to manage support enquiries by focusing our resource on the one channel of communication; this enables us to be more effective at helping you. 

Please see our pricing page.

You can do this via the member's area of our website. Log in here and choose Licenses on your dashboard.

Pre Purchase Questions

Go to our pricing page here and choose the option relevant to your needs.

You will have access to your own personal dashboard on our website, where you can download your packages, licenses, invoices and update your personal information.

We will email you your login for the member’s area as soon as your purchase is confirmed. This will happen automatically, the moment the payment has been approved.

First, please check your spam or junk folder in case the email is in there.

If you still don't have the email with your login information, please contact us and we'll check in on your payment and account.

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please first try a password reset.

If this still doesn't work then please contact us here we'll sort it out ASAP.

If you don't see your purchased products when logged into your account, then please do contact us as there is most likely an issue with your account.

Just be sure that you are logged in on the correct account when you go to our checkout page. If you aren't logged in or on the wrong account, you can log in or switch accounts on the checkout page. 

PayPal handles all of our payment processing so you can order securely using all credit and debit cards.

That's no problem. 

Once you've clicked through to pay you can choose one of the options "Check out as a guest" or "Pay with debit/credit card". This is usually found underneath the login form on PayPal's payment page.

Feel free to contact us and we will get it sorted ASAP. 

Yes. But only upon request.

We can charge via Stripe and by Bank Transfer. Please note, there is an admin fee for these manual payment methods.

Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Yes, in your account dashboard you have a link to upgrade from an Individual Member to the full uSkinned Membership.

To get unlimited access to all uSkinned current and future releases then just select this option in your dashboard. You'll be taken to the checkout page and you will simply pay for the uSkinned membership.

Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with your login details.

The members’ dashboard contains important information about your downloads, including the current versions you have downloaded, as well as release dates and changelogs so you can keep up to date.

You can come back to the site at any time to download your purchase(s), however, your ability to download will expire after a year. Unlimited Membership users subscriptions will auto-renew each year to continue to gain access, whilst Individual purchases can download as many times as they like for the duration of a year.

Just be sure, head to your dashboard page to find all available products.

If you've bought our uSkinned Membership and wish to renew for a further year (365 days) then you don't need to do a thing. The recurring payment setup via PayPal will be scheduled to come out of your account exactly 1 year (365 days) since you initially signed up.

If you do not wish to renew your uSkinned Membership you can cancel the recurring payment via your PayPal account at any time. 

It's important to note that if you do not cancel and your uSkinned Membership renews by accident you will have a seven (7) day period from the renewal date to claim a refund. The refund will be subject to an admin fee and whether or not you have downloaded any themes since the renewal date of your uSkinned Membership.

Post Purchase Questions

You will receive updates and support for one year from your purchase date.

If you choose to renew your subscription for another year, you will of course receive another year of support, updates and product improvements.

Your purchase does not expire but you will stop receiving updates and support after one year unless you renew your subscription. You will still be able to use your theme even if the year has passed. The starter kit and your theme will still work perfectly, you just won’t get access to new updates or theme releases and you will forfeit your right to support.

Yes, you can sign up for our Free Trial here.

We aim to test our themes as quick as possible against the latest version of Umbraco. Please refer to the information box on each theme page for compatible versions of Umbraco. When Umbraco release a new version we will test all of our themes and indicate what versions have been tested.

We only support modern browsers. We do not support Internet Explorer and purely ensure the content of the website looks good in Internet Explorer 11.

If you use Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 please consider upgrading to the latest Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave or any other modern browser.

We release update packages regularly with new features (and the occasional bug fix). You can see all update packages on the Site Builder page in the member's area.

We have not locked down any part of Umbraco or our Framework so you are free to install any 3rd party package on top of your theme. For obvious reasons, we can’t test and guarantee every 3rd party package with our framework.

You require a domain license for each live production website.

Yes, absolutely! That’s what uSkinned is created for.

You're welcome to use Site Builder in this way without violating our license. However, we cannot provide support to your customers directly. Your team will need to act as support for your customers, or they'd need to purchase Site Builder directly from us to access our support.

Yes, each theme once installed will populate with demo content so you can be up and running quickly and have an ideal starting point.

Please see this tutorial to understand how you can update to the latest release.

Step 1

Sign up

Start a free trial of Site Builder.

Step 2


Tailor the look and feel with the Visual Designer to suit your brand.

Step 3


Add content with built-in eCommerce and third-party integrations.

Step 4


World-class and secure hosting backed by Microsoft Azure.