Why use a uSkinned Starter Kit?

Save weeks of development time and start your next Umbraco website with a uSkinned Starter kit. Our Starter Kits come with every essential feature you would expect to find in any modern website.

We've been deeply impressed with uSkinned's Umbraco starter kits. They have been able to offer Ministry of Sound a massive amount of flexibility and functionality within Umbraco CMS.

Barney Blackhurst, Ministry of Sound

Multiple Page Layouts

Using our flexible design system your Umbraco CMS will allow you to structure each page to perfectly fit your content. 

Advanced Page Layouts

Create exciting pages with interactive elements that are sure to engage with your audience.

With a huge library of components to choose from, quickly build up your page and capture your audience's imagination.

Standard Page Layouts

Create informative pages with ease.

Choose from a range of column structured layouts that include side bar navigation as well as a variety of page components and cross-promotional pod options.

We love Umbraco, but we may love uSkinned even more. As Umbraco Partners we've been looking for a starter kit that is simple to implement and has all the features we need and our clients demand. For us, Source is that starter kit, an outstanding piece of work in every way.

Jonathon Burton, NHS WebTeam

Dive into our live theme demos to experience the combined power of Umbraco CMS and uSkinned Starter Kits.


Intelligently coded for ultimate control of your websites structure.

Complete flexibility of your navigation which is independent from the Umbraco node structure. Designed with SEO as a priority, your navigation can be easily optimised for keyword targeting which your SEO consultants will love.

We have to say that your Umbraco themes are really good and so easy to use. We have used Umbraco for a while now but these makes using it so much better and more efficient.

Dermot McQuaid, gauge360.com

Page Components

Think of components as Lego Blocks, interchangeable building blocks you can use to assemble your pages.

Banner Slider icon

Banner Slider

Beautiful sliding banners for image and video.

Pods icon


Self contained content pods for important 'Calls to Action'.

Text with Video or Image icon

Text with Video or Image

Stylised text with video or image sections and customizable animation.

Sign up with Listing icon

Sign up with Listing

Fully functional newsletter signup forms with dynamic page listings.

Umbraco Grid icon

Umbraco Grid

Flexible layout options using the amazing Umbraco Grid editor.

Text with Sign up icon

Text with Sign up

Fully functional newsletter signup forms with related text section.

Image Carousel icon

Image Carousel

Super slick image carousels.

Contact Forms icon

Contact Forms

Simple contact forms using ASP.NET MVC architecture which can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

Call to Action Strip icon

Call to Action Strip

Handy pre-styled CTA strips for guiding your visitors journey.

Sign Up Forms icon

Sign Up Forms

Newsletter sign up forms with Campaign Monitor and MailChimp integration.

Tabbed Content icon

Tabbed Content

Group lots of content into a small space with stylised tabs.

Accordion icon


Hide and reveal sections of content. Great for 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

Image Slideshow icon

Image Slideshow

Break up your content on standard pages with stunning image slideshows.

Media Gallery icon

Media Gallery

Create galleries with light windows to showcase images and videos.

Blockquotes icon


Emphasised quotes for major impact. 

Code Section icon

Code Section

Add 3rd party widgets and scripts anywhere on your pages giving you no limit to the features of your website.

Alert Boxes icon

Alert Boxes

Great for creating a sense of urgency or communicating important messages to users.

This is only a snapshot of the components our themes are packed with, check out our Umbraco theme demos to discover more.

uSkinned themes are developed very well and give me a lot of insight about how to do things in Umbraco - not just simple frontend stuff, but more about how to customize the CMS and add functionality.

Marco Tangelder, www.101internet.nl
SEO image

Search Engine Optimised

Clever code and well thought out design architecture give your search engine rankings a head start.

Each uSkinned starter kit comes with everything you need for search engine optimisation. Our themes are built with the latest search engine best practices and use lightweight HTML5 code for fast performance to further enhance your rankings.

Keep up the good work! uSkinned themes have been a massive part of our success this past year. Thanks.

Janet Kirklen, pragmatx.com

Integrated Blog

Each uSkinned Starter Kit comes with a fully integrated blogging system.

Blog posts are managed directly from the Umbraco CMS and contain all the functionality you would expect from other popular blogging platforms, that includes: categorisation, archiving, plus loads more.

Thanks for an amazing package, uSkinned has made working with Umbraco a great experience for the first time.

Liam Burke, psquared.net

Out-of-the-box Forms

Ready to use forms using ASP.NET MVC architecture give you a great starting point for your web forms.

Learn from our pre-coded forms and adapt to meet your needs. Go further and easily add Umbraco's own form builder into your uSkinned themes.

uSkinned has saved me time, solved my problems and provided great tools. It gives me everything I need to create stellar Umbraco websites quickly, as well as provide the flexibility my content creators need.

Rami, Front End Web Developer

Plus loads more features

Logo Management icon

Logo Management

Add your own logo directly via the CMS without the need to edit code.

MailChimp Integration icon

MailChimp Integration

Combine newsletter signup on your website with MailChimp.

Campaign Monitor Integration icon

Campaign Monitor Integration

Combine newsletter signup on your website with Campaign Monitor.

Colour Palette Management icon

Colour Palette Management

Easy color management lets you select from a pre-set color scheme.

Sitemap icon


Automatically generated sitemap listing all pages of your website.

Secure Members Area icon

Secure Members Area

Out of the box password protected members area complete with login form.

Social Integration icon

Social Integration

Easily integrate your social media accounts. Open graph integration to control the look of your site when shared on social networks.

Sitewide Pods icon

Sitewide Pods

Cross promote your content from a library of re-usable pods with this great feature.

Page Not Found icon

Page Not Found

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Site Wide Search

Site Wide Search

Built with Umbraco's implementation of "Lucene", each theme comes with a configurable keyword search form.

EU Cookie Law Notice icon

EU Cookie Law Notice

Comply with the stupid cookie law direct from Umbraco CMS with our Starter Kits easy to use solution.

We really love uSkinned and the way it has given us an opportunity to offer a very serious Umbraco CMS solution to small and medium sized enterprises at a very low cost.

Jens Josefsson, webmind.se

Why use Umbraco CMS?

Umbraco CMS powers some of the biggest websites on the web. You'll always be in good company with uSkinned and Umbraco.

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