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Brand Resources

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the uSkinned brand, and how to use it.

Our Name

Use the correct spelling, casing, and spacing when referring to our products.

uSkinned, not “Uskinned” or “USkinned”.

Our Logo

You may use our logo in reference to our products, but avoid using it in contexts where it could be mistaken for an official endorsement or offering.

Logo Guidelines

Let it breathe

Our logo shouldn’t feel crowded by its surrounding elements. It should have at least as much space on all sides as the width of the “u” in the word “uSkinned”.

Let it scale

If you’re using our logo on the web, please use the SVG files when possible.

Don’t mess with it!

We like our logo just the way it is, so please don’t:

  • Enlarge or shrink any part of the logo.
  • Surround the logo with a stroke.
  • Use a drop shadow with the logo.
  • Make a new container for the logo.
  • Disproportionately scale, skew, shear, stretch, or flip the logo.

Color Palette








#3544b1 > #355eb1



If you would like to ask any questions about using our brand, please reach out to our support team and they'll be happy to help.