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What is extendable?

Source code

We offer access to the codebase to make extending and upgrading even easier*.

Bootstrap frontend development.


The frontend is built upon the world's most popular framework, Twitter Bootstrap.


Learn from 100s of support guides and resources that help you get the most out of Site Builder.

An awesome baseline solution for any website... when we need to customise the code uSkinned doesn't get in our way and can be easily extended to any requirement.

Ryan Casey

Web Developer

Key features you can Extend

Add your own components

Need to add a new component or pod unique to your website requirements? No problem.

Create your own codebase

Branch away from our own codebase at any time and implement any change you require, including updating the frontend to another framework like Tailwind.

uSkinned is the whole package. Blocks, pages, navigation, endless possibilities in settings, adding CSS or scripts. And, it's all user-friendly, uSkinned helps you create content.

Gert de Groot

Custom Fonts

If your site font is not supported by Google or Adobe then you implement a custom font file with a few simple lines of CSS code. 

Effortless upgrades

Ensure you're always running the latest release and feature with single-line upgrades via NuGet.

uSkinned really is very extensible.

Riaan Pietersen

Head of Development
League Digital

*Access to the codebase includes templates, partial views, stylesheets, and JavaScript files. Some of our code, including helper functions integral to our licensing model, is protected within a compiled DLL. However, this protection does not prevent you from extending and customizing our product as required.

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