With thousands of users in over 70 countries our tried & tested starter kits are helping to make Umbraco one of the world's most popular content management systems.

Who’s using our Starter Kits?

Our customers come from all walks of life. Novice users to technical experts all love working with uSkinned.

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Digital Agencies

A faster workflow and standardised approach to Umbraco CMS powered websites.

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Save weeks of work and fast track your websites so that you can concentrate on your own customizations.

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Save money and get a website launched in minutes ready for your own content.

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Use your own in-house team and streamline your digital approach.

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Start ups

Showcase your new business with a modern website.

Combining Umbraco CMS and uSkinned Starter Kits is perfect for a wide range of site owners. Find out why uSkinned is right for you.

Responsive Umbraco Themes

Fully integrated with a starter kit, our super versatile and fully responsive designs adapt perfectly for all device resolutions and look great on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Victorious - Responsive Umbraco Theme
Harvest - Responsive Umbraco Theme
Simply Delicious - Responsive Umbraco Theme

Built with super clean html5, on a fast lightweight front-end, designed with consistency and ease-of-use in mind.

What people are saying

We love Umbraco, but we may love uSkinned even more. Each theme is an outstanding piece of work in every way.

Jonathon Burton
NHS WebTeam

We've been deeply impressed with uSkinned's Umbraco starter kits and the flexibility they offer Ministry of Sound.

Barney Blackhurst
Ministry of Sound

We really love working with your themes. It's easy and makes every project kick off much quicker.

Agnès Darricau
The Cogworks

We really love uSkinned... it's given us an opportunity to offer a very serious Umbraco solution at a low cost.

Jens Josefsson

Working with your fantastic uSkinned theme, Synergy, is helping us make the most of Umbraco CMS.

Jon Paul Medland

Thanks for an amazing package, uSkinned has made working with Umbraco a great experience for the first time.

Liam Burke

We are IN LOVE with our new uSkinned site, thanks! Our developer had it up and running in minutes.

Lori Shecter

Your Umbraco themes have saved me a lot of development time and I am learning so much from uSkinned.

Alan Ellicott

Keep up the good work! uSkinned themes have been a massive part of our successes this past year.

Janet Kirklen

Thanks! uSkinned is an absolutely fantastic product. It has saved me a huge amount of development time.

Luke Warren

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