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Join as an Unlimited Member for massive savings and get access to all existing and future themes for one year.

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per year
uSkinned Site Builder
Visual Designer
All Theme Designs
5 x Website Licenses1
Additional Website Licenses only
1 year of support & updates2
Automatic access to new designs
uSkinned Site Builder
Visual Designer
1 x Blank Design
1 x Website License1
Additional Website Licenses
1 year of support & updates2
Automatic access to new designs
License + Theme Design
uSkinned Site Builder
Visual Designer
1 x Professional Theme Design
1 x Website License1
Additional Website Licenses
1 year of support & updates2
Automatic access to new designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Single License Purchaser

There are two options when buying a single license. You can either go for the single license for the uSkinned Site Builder or choose a single license bundled with one of our professionally designed themes.

uSkinned Membership Purchaser

If you are a uSkinned Membership Purchaser your purchase will include five (5) website licenses and access to all of our professionally designed themes. If you are a uSkinned Membership Purchaser you can purchase additional website licenses at a discounted price. Refer to the table above for pricing information.

No. Once a license is purchased and created you are then allowed to use it for that website forever. You do not need to renew your license each year.

Renewal of Full Membership is only required to gain access to support and updates after the one year (365 days) period. Renewal of the Full Membership after one year will also grant you 5 new licenses to use on 5 more websites. You are free to cancel the Full Membership at anytime via PayPal to stop the renewal process from happening.

You can do this via the members area of Simply login and choose 'Site Builder Licenses' on your dashboard.

A uSkinned “Theme” or "Design" is a design which can be installed against the uSkinned Site Builder. Our designs are provided as starting points for your own website. Any of the designs you see can be created within the uSkinned site builder with no need to touch any back end code. Everything can be configured directly from the Umbraco CMS.

Take a tour of the features that come with the uSkinned Site Builder

You may also hear "Themes" referred to as "Skins", "Tempates" or "Starter Kits".

You can browse our themes on our themes page.

Once you have installed Umbraco on your site, it's really very simple. Next install the uSkinned Site Builder. Once the uSkinned Site Builder has been installed you can install any number of the design packages available to you.

Our installer script will automatically unpack all of the design, layout and content structures as well as all the end-user functionality into your CMS install – with just a few clicks of your mouse you have a fully featured website ready to customise and populate with content.

The beauty of Umbraco is it is extensible and extendable to your hearts desire. That doesn’t change when you use uSkinned. If you are a developer and you want to add functionality then there are no restrictions to coding and integrating your own customisations with our themes – it’s the same as any other Umbraco install.

In terms of changing the look, feel and design. This is also very straightforward. The whole design of your site can be managed directly from the Umbraco CMS with no need to touch any code. Our new design panel editor which appears in preview mode will show your design changes happening as you alter the settings of your design in real time.

In fact, uSkinned is a designers dream. You can now have a fully featured Umbraco site for your client, without the need to do any server side coding. With our Starter Kits out-of-the-box features we’ve built all the functionality you need, leaving you to go to create your own beautiful design on top of our uSkinned Site Builder.

Finally, many customisations of your website can occur without the need to touch any code. We have a host of configuration options within the CMS admin that enable you to change layout’s, define content structures and optimise content so for most of the time, you may find you don’t even need to get your hands dirty.

Read our guides

Whether you purchase a single license or join to become an uSkinned member, you will have access to your own personal dashboard where you can download your purchases.

We will email you your login for the member’s area as soon as your purchase is confirmed. This happens the moment the payment is approved with Paypal.

You can read our full FAQs page.

We accept all major credit cards

Payment options

* Prices displayed are excluding VAT. VAT means 'value added tax' and is a tax that is added to goods and services, at a percentage of the purchase price (currently 20% here in the UK.) If you live outside of the EU, you won't have to pay VAT on top of these uSkinned prices. If you do live inside the EU, you may have to. Based on the information you give us, we'll automatically work out if you need to pay VAT and add it to your bill if necessary.

1 Read the full uSkinned License Agreement.

2 Both Single License & uSkinned Membership Purchases require renewal after one year (365 days) in order to access themes, updates and support.

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