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What can the Blog do?

Grow and engage

Ensure your site is always up-to-date and works to both engage and grow your audience.

Modular blocks

Site content is built with modular components & pods – like lego blocks and is just as easy to use.

Rich snippets schema

Automatically generated schema markup is added to both your blog listings and posts.

We use uSkinned Site Builder for every website and we recommend it to everyone we know!

Thomas M. Pedersen

Founder & Owner

Key Blogging platform features

Flexible post layouts

Easily manage thousands of blog posts in one place. Build up your posts using modular block components. 

Multi level categories

Create and manage unlimited number of multi-level categories and make your content even easier to find for users.

uSkinned has changed our working process. It is now possible for us to cut the workload for our programmers, and a shift has taken place. Our content creators and our customers are happier because they can create on the fly.

Gert de Groot

RSS Syndication

Site Builder comes with an auto-generated RSS feed feature. This lets users of your site easily add your blog(s) to readers and aggregators such as Feedly, Flipboard and many others.

Assign Authors

Assigning authorship to each post is a must-have for any editorial-style website. Combine this feature with our Twitter authorship feature to provide authority and a unique voice.

uSkinned Site Builder is a great option for anyone.

Riaan Pietersen

Head of Development
League Digital

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