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Customer story

Koola Digital

Founded in 2002, South African full-service web agency Koola Digital have now adopted uSkinned Site Builder as their go-to boilerplate for all new Umbraco websites.

Although uSkinned Site Builder initially challenged his conception of what a CMS could be, Head of Development, Riaan Pietersen, is 100% on board with this “powerful tool”.

Riaan Pietersen
Head of Development
Koola Digital


The team at Koola Digital were already very familiar with Umbraco CMS, having launched websites with it as far back as version 4. In fact, they even had their own boilerplate for Umbraco version 7, including many pre-built features. However, with Umbraco’s move to NET Core and the release of version 10 in June of 2022, managing their own baseline starter kit was beginning to take up valuable web developer resources in their busy full-service agency.

uSkinned Site Builder is a great no-code / low-code option for anyone who wants to build a secure and reliable website.

Riaan Pietersen, Head of Development, Koola Digital


The plan to continue to use Umbraco CMS was an easy one as Koola Digital works with multinational organisations as well as SMEs, and Umbraco is the perfect tool for any scenario. Adopting uSkinned Site Builder as a baseline solution for Umbraco websites initially “challenged” Riaan’s own concept of what a CMS should look like. However, once he had a proper look around the CMS structure and underlying code, he was convinced at just how "extensible, user-friendly and powerful" uSkinned Site Builder really is.

uSkinned really is very extensible.

Riaan Pietersen, Head of Development, Koola Digital


With uSkinned being so extensible, the Koola team were happy to use Site Builder as a baseline solution that would allow them to branch off and add their own features. By following this approach, they could continue to upgrade Site Builder as and when new features are available but not override their own additions.

They were also delighted with the configurations and options available that really helped to speed up the entire process. Koola Digital was specifically impressed with how everything in uSkinned is structured logically so that users never feel overwhelmed by it. Another highlight for them is the ability to override the global theme design page-by-page. The option to hide the header or footer on any page makes uSkinned perfect for creating campaign-ready marketing pages in seconds.

Really powerful stuff, thank you for a great product.

Riaan Pietersen, Head of Development, Koola Digital


Rate the content editor experience in uSkinned Site Builder

5 out of 5


The biggest benefits of uSkinned for Umbraco

 Saved development time

 Saved design time

 Saved money

 Increased profit

 Increased development capacity

 Increased customer base

 Learned new skills


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uSkinned Site Builder is a great option for anyone.

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