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Being versatile, flexible and reliable is at the heart of this creative studio's core beliefs, and now, thanks to uSkinned themes for Umbraco CMS their own website is no different.

Founder and designer, Luke McCarthy, was in need of a robust and flexible CMS solution that would allow him and his team to showcase their portfolio in a simple and considered fashion. Luckily, after a friends recommendation, they discovered uSkinned.

The Problem

With limited resources for in-house development skills, and time, Pim-Pam were in need of an off-the-shelf website product that didn't lock them down to a specific design but at the same time not be too complicated to work with that it would hinder their own creative output.

The content editor experience is very well thought out and simple to use. Being from a non-development background myself, uSkinned has provided an easy transition into this field.

Luke McCarthy, Creative Director, Pim-Pam

The Solution

For Luke's team, a simple, easy to manage CMS system that would let them showcase the variety of work they complete within the creative studio was essential. With each project taking on different formats this would mean displaying a mixture of media, whether it be video, motion graphics or branding work. Furthermore, a device responsive front end is a must for a modern creative agency.

There's so much choice in terms of page building, and thanks to it's simple user interface and an expert level of support we've been really confident to try new things across our website.

Luke McCarthy, Creative Director, Pim-Pam

The Outcome

Pim-Pam have been able to launch a flexible and future-proof new website that allows them to share projects with potential clients. Additionally, by engaging with our support team and blog they've been able to make the Refresh theme uniquely theirs thanks to some simple coding tips. Not only that, but Pim-Pam have even started rolling out uSkinned solutions for their own client websites.

Ecommerce, Drinks Industry

Bature Brewery

Ecommerce, Art Store


Ecommerce, Drinks Industry

Isle of Islay Gin

The flexibility throughout is what really set's it apart from other CMS themes I've used. We've never encountered another theme or website building platform that can deliver time and time again the way uSkinned has.

Luke McCarthy, Creative Director, Pim-Pam


How would you rate the content editor experience in a uSkinned theme?

5 out of 5


What has been the biggest benefit of using a uSkinned theme?

Saved development time

Saved design time

Saved money

Increased profit

Increased development capacity


What specific features do you love in uSkinned themes?

uSkinned redefines the website building process. Easy to use, enjoyable to use - use uSkinned.

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