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Non profit charity

Jysk Børneforsorg Fredehjem

(Jysk Child Care)

For more than 100 years, this Danish non-profit organisation has worked to ensure good living conditions for vulnerable children, young people and families.

Communications Consultant, Maria Jakobsen, had previous content editor experience of working with Umbraco CMS but did not have the development capabilities to build a site from scratch. Thanks to a chance search on Google she found uSkinned.

The Problem

Jysk needed a new website but, as a non-profit organisation run mostly by volunteers, there were some constraints around the budget that meant engaging with either a digital agency or freelance web developer would not be feasible. Their existing site had been too restrictive and not very user-friendly for both editors as well as the frontend users. Therefore, for the new website to succeed it would not only need to be handled in-house by one of their own (non-technical) team members but it would also need to boost engagement and promote their organisations key messages and services as well as how to volunteer.

It's super easy to make design changes and there are many, many options available. You can make each page look the way you want.

Maria Jakobsen, Marketing, Jysk Børneforsorg Fredehjem

The Solution

The team member in charge was, Maria, and she would be responsible for the entire project. Although she had some experience as an editor using Umbraco CMS she was in no way a website developer, therefore, building the website from scratch was a non-starter. Luckily, using a quick Google search she found uSkinned. The ability to choose from a range of templates was ideal for Maria and that meant she only needed to take care of some minor user-interface amends as well as the content and promotion of the website. 

Furthermore, after reaching out to the uSkinned support team she was amazed at how helpful they were. They were quick to answer the queries she had which allowed her to get on with the task at hand. The ease of building the site piece by piece using page components was a breeze and within no time at all, she had a user-friendly and engaging new site.

The support team at uSkinned has been extraordinary!

Maria Jakobsen, Marketing, Jysk Børneforsorg Fredehjem

The Outcome

Communications Consultant, Maria, concludes:

I was tasked with developing our new website, from setting up the site, design, content creation and, finally, the launch. The team at uSkinned have been extraordinary in assisting me when needed, any question I've asked them the turn around time for an answer has been almost instant.

Additionally, the guides on the website have been excellent in helping me build out the entire website myself. Each page component has worked like a charm, in particular, the Pods and Text with Slideshow (Split component). It was super easy to make design changes and there are many, many options available. You can make each page look the way you want.

Thanks to uSkinned we have a brand new website that helps promote our organisation and the great work that we do!"


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