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Prominent Media

The awesome folks at Prominent Media in Milton Keynes "simply wouldn't use Umbraco without uSkinned Site Builder" - it's just that good!

We had a chat with Managing Director Iain Row, and he mentioned how much he loves uSkinned because it's super easy to use, and it lets clients manage and edit their own website content.

Iain Row
Managing Director
Prominent Media


With over 20 years of experience working in software development, Iain is fully aware that Umbraco CMS is a really powerful and secure platform that beats out competitors like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. 

Umbraco is an excellent choice for businesses that want a highly secure and customisable website. With its rich feature set and flexibility, Umbraco can help businesses create unique and functional websites that perfectly fit their needs. 

However, Iain does admit that getting a project started on Umbraco can take a bit more developer time than other CMS options might.

We like the way you can mould Umbraco to your specific needs. It is some seriously powerful software.

Iain Row, Managing Director, Prominent Media


After some research and consideration, Prominent Media decided to adopt uSkinned Site Builder as a solution to their Umbraco CMS development needs. By using uSkinned, Iain and his team were able to dramatically reduce the time it took to get projects up and running on Umbraco, while still enjoying all the benefits of a secure CMS platform.

With Site Builder, Prominent Media are able to offer its clients a highly customisable and easy-to-use website management system that required minimal developer input. Allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality websites that met their clients' needs, while still keeping development costs and turnaround times low. 

We would simply not use Umbraco without uSkinned now... it does a great job of managing all the SEO and social integrations. Having automatic canonical tags, Open Graph, and Sitemaps out-of-the-box is amazing!

Iain Row, Managing Director, Prominent Media


Since adopting uSkinned Site Builder, Prominent Media has seen a lot of amazing benefits. Clients love how easy it is to manage and edit their own website content using the platform, which means they don't have to rely on developers as much and can make changes on the fly. This has saved them time and money and has allowed the team to focus on other aspects of the website development process.

A key aspect is, uSkinned Site Builder includes a range of SEO and social integrations out of the box, such as Canonical tags, Open Graph, and Sitemap XML. This has made it easier than ever to ensure that clients' websites perform well in search engine rankings and social media sharing. Plus, it's just a really user-friendly platform to work with, which makes the lives of developers so much easier too.

Overall, Iain and the team are thrilled with the decision to adopt uSkinned Site Builder, and they truly believe that uSkinned is now "a key partner in their own website development offering".

Property, Real Estate, Editorial

The Property Finders

The Property Finders was a website we took over, which had originally been built in WordPress. The brief was to upgrade the look and feel while making it easy for the client to manage herself. Her clients are high-net-worth, so keeping the design quality by enforcing consistency was very important. We extended the summary section of the page to enable us to capture additional information.

We extended the 'Subpage Listing' component to allow us to display different page types (case studies, articles, reports etc.) in different ways, as per the design. The result is a beautiful website that is extremely easy to update while retaining the design.

uSkinned gives our customers the power to edit and manage their content, but within a flexible and controlled framework.

Iain Row, Managing Director, Prominent Media


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 Saved development time

 Increased profit

 Increased development capacity


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A key partner in our website development offering.

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