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You're in good company

There are over 750,000 websites powered by Umbraco CMS, from startups and charities to global brands and fortune 500 companies.

Popular & Extendable

Umbraco is one of the most deployed CMS systems on the Microsoft stack. Massively extendable, there is no limit to what you can do.

FREE & Open-Source

Umbraco is a completely free and Open Source CMS. With no ongoing license fee, Umbraco is both a powerful and cost-effective CMS solution.

Why over 750,000 sites choose Umbraco

Umbraco offers everything that site owners, content managers, designers, and developers need to create and maintain contemporary sites of the highest quality.

Website Owners

Managing your website couldn't be easier than with Umbraco CMS.

Multiple Site Management

Run and manage multiple websites from a single Umbraco installation.

System Integration

Easy integration with any 3rd party tool.


Manage not only websites but also mobile apps, intranet sites, rich-media and e-commerce.

Responsive CMS

Manage content on the go with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Out-The-Box Features

301 redirect management, health check dashboard, device preview and lots more features to help you with your website.

We love your product! It's extremely intuitive meets our business needs perfectly.

Andy Brennan, Ibis World

Content Creators

Creating content couldn't be easier than with Umbraco CMS.

Easy to Learn & Use

Super simple CMS interface, a wealth of documentation, training videos, and the famously helpful Umbraco community.


In-built support for multi-lingual sites.

Role-Based Access Levels

Easily assign different publishing rights for your website administrators.

Media Library

Manage all your media assets from a single location. Scale and crop your images directly within Umbraco.

Schedule Content

Automatically publish and unpublish content whenever you want. 

The features are superb... the biggest benefit is when I hand over a uSkinned site to a customer - it provides them with a lot of control over their site!

Richard Davis, Director, Nexbyte Media

Designers & Developers

Extending your website couldn't be easier than with Umbraco CMS.

Integrate with Business Systems

An open and flexible architecture allows for easy integration with any existing system.

Easy to Use API's

Umbraco API gives you programmatic access to everything in the Umbraco CMS.

Performance Boosts

With image and content caching built-in, your Umbraco powered websites will be lightning fast.

Custom Code

Using Razor, User controls, XSLT, Javascript, CSS, LESS... you can develop with whatever approach you prefer.

Design Freedom

Umbraco places no restrictions or set frameworks to your front-end giving designers maximum freedom for their design creations.

uSkinned Umbraco themes have made it so easy for me to launch a new site for my clients, really good stuff - long live uSkinned!

Ayo Adesina, Umbraco Developer

Hosted uSkinned Websites

Create your uSkinned powered Umbraco website instantly

Umbraco and uSkinned Site Builder preinstalled, a world-class and secure hosting platform on Microsoft Azure. No domain license is required, everything you'll need in one simple, monthly plan. 

This is perfect... you are on to a winner with uSkinned Hosting!

Mark Watson, Creative Director,

Step 1

Sign up

Start a free trial of Site Builder.

Step 2


Tailor the look and feel with the Visual Designer to suit your brand.

Step 3


Add content with built-in eCommerce and third-party integrations.

Step 4


World-class and secure hosting backed by Microsoft Azure.