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Customer Story


Denmark-based web development agency Jalinco starts every project with uSkinned Site Builder to save time and meet the needs of its clients.

Business owner and developer Thomas Meldgaard Pedersen was introduced to uSkinned by a colleague and now he recommends it to everyone.

Thomas M. Pedersen
Founder & Owner


Having worked with Umbraco since version 4, Thomas and his team at Jalinco were more than happy with its capabilities to build flexible and intuitive websites. They started most projects over the past 17 years with a variety of starter kits and boilerplates — some self-built, others from the Umbraco community. 

Although they were not on the lookout for a new solution initially, a chance discussion with a colleague who was already aware of uSkinned led them to investigate the concept.

uSkinned meets our customer's needs and saves us a lot of development time.

Thomas Meldgaard Pedersen, Owner, Jalinco


From the first install, the team at Jalinco were blown away by the flexibility and features on offer straight out of the box. They were convinced that by adopting uSkinned Site Builder as the baseline for all of their projects, they would be able to offer a consistent, user-friendly solution that met the needs of all of their customers.

uSkinned Site Builder is a super user-friendly and easy-to-use solution for Umbraco CMS.

Thomas Meldgaard Pedersen, Owner, Jalinco


Since launching their first uSkinned-powered website in 2021, they have now gone live with 20 more. This has not only made their customers happy but has also increased their profits and developer capacity as well as learning some new skills along the way. 

Thomas and his team at Jalinco are now proud to call themselves, uSkinned Experts.


Dina Food

Design by Aarhus Reklamebureau (Denmark). Integration to Ecwid shop, Mailchimp ESP and multi-lingual.



Design by Aarhus Reklamebureau (Denmark).



Design by Aarhus Reklamebureau (Denmark). News publication to other sites via REST API.

We use uSkinned Site Builder for every website and we recommend it to everyone we know!

Thomas Meldgaard Pedersen, Owner, Jalinco


Rate the content editor experience in uSkinned Site Builder

5 out of 5


The biggest benefits of uSkinned for Umbraco

 Saved development time

 Saved design time

 Saved money

 Increased profit

 Increased development capacity

 Increased customer base

 Learned new skills


Describe uSkinned in as few words as possible

uSkinned Site Builder is the perfect solution for all new websites.

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