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How to download and install uSkinned Site Builder upgrades with NuGet

Step 1 — Install the uSkinned upgrade

From the command-line interface, access the directory where your website project is held. We will now need to run a command that specifies the version of uSkinned Site Builder we want to add.

Depending on the version you want to upgrade to the command should look something like this: 

dotnet add package uSkinnedSiteBuilder --version {VERSION NUMBER}

Please make sure you run the command for the correct version.

Once the installation is complete you can run your website once again using the command: 

dotnet run

After installing your upgrade a folder may or may not be created which relates to the version number you have installed:

~/usn/updates/{VERSION NUMBER}/uSync

If this is the case move onto step 2. If an updates folder relating to the package version is not present then you have completed the update process and there is no need to move onto step 2.

Step 2 — Install uSync

uSync is an awesome Umbraco package that takes the bits of Umbraco that are stored in a database and moves them to disk, so you can source control, copy and move your Umbraco site between computers and servers.

All the details you need to install the uSync package for Umbraco 10+ can be found here:

Once you have completed the installation of uSync you can move on to the remaining steps.

Step 3 — Run uSync Import

Copy the contents of the folder relating to the version you have installed:

~/usn/updates/{VERSION NUMBER}/uSync

Paste the contents of this folder into


Login to the CMS > Go to Settings (Section) > uSync (node) > Click 'Import Settings'.

This step will update the uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco with all of the relevant changes.

You have now successfully upgraded uSkinned Site Builder.