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How to set up your SMTP settings for your forms

All themes come with a Form component. Within that component, you can setup a Contact, Newsletter or Umbraco form. When using the contact form you will need to ensure your site is setup correctly to send the form submissions by email to your designated recipient. 

Step 1

When you add a contact form to a page you will need to enter a recipient email address otherwise the form will not display on the page correctly.

Step 2

When the Contact Form is submitted it will send an email to the recipient email address entered in the above step containing the information that was entered into the form fields. However, the submission will only reach that recipient email address if there are valid SMTP details set up.

Our recommended approach is to use a third-party SMTP provider. If you wish, you can sign up for a free account with SendGrid ( The free package will allow you to send 100 emails/day from your account per month which should be more than enough for most websites. 

Step 3


Step 1

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