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How to add Eventbrite ticketing

Promote free and sell paid-for event tickets with Eventbrite and uSkinned. Whether you're promoting free, paid, online or in-person events, your attendees can complete the full sign-up directly from your website.

Embed Eventbrite checkout

Step 1

Go to Eventbrite, create an account and log in to add your first event. 

Step 2

Once you've added your first events, follow the steps in this guide ( to generate the embed code for your Eventbrite checkout. 

Step 3

Login to uSkinned CMS. Create or go to any page.

Step 4

At the "Main Content" label, click "Add content".

Add a modular component with uSkinned for Umbraco.

Step 5

From the options in the slide-out panel, select the "Embed code" block.

Component options with uSkinned.

Step 6

Paste the embed code you copied in Step 2.

Paste your embed code.

Step 7

Hit "Submit" in the slide-out panel.

Step 8

Now, "Save and publish" your page. 

Your Eventbrite checkout is now active and your users can now book a space (and pay) directly from your uSkinned-powered website. 

More ways to promote and sell Eventbrite tickets

There are a variety of places you can paste your Eventbrite embed code to automatically display them on your uSkinned Site Builder website.

You can try this out using the same steps for:

— Split component
— Pod component
— Windows component
— Global pods
— Extra Content pods
— Footer pods
— Reusable components
— Reusable pods
— Modal content


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