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How to set up Umbraco Forms

Step 1

Login to the CMS.

Step 2

From the menu in the top bar, go to "Forms".

Step 3

You will now see a green button in the middle of the screen that reads "Install Forms". Click this button.

Step 4

Please wait while Forms installs. The CMS will refresh once complete. This may take several minutes.

Step 5

Once the install has completed, use the button "Create a form" to start building your first form.

Step 6

Name your form.

Step 7

Add the relevant fields to your form. You can choose from a wide range, including, text field, text area, select box dropdown and multiple choice checklist plus lots more.

Step 8

Once you're happy with the form you can set up a unique workflow. This can be extended to integrate a number of other third-party CRM systems etc. However, in this guide, we will just set up the form to send to an email to the recipient and save the entry in the database to be viewed via the CMS.

Step 9

Save your form.

You can add a Umbraco Form to many areas of your site including, as a Component, Pod, Split component item or in the Footer. In this following example, we will add it as a component.

Step 10

Go to the "Content" section of the CMS. In the tree menu, go to any page or post — or create a new one.

Step 11

Go to the 'Content' tab. At 'Main Content' add a new component.

Step 12

From the slide-out panel, select 'Form'.

Step 13

From the options provided, select "Umbraco Form".

Step 14

Now click "Add" to add your new Umbraco Form.

Step 15

From the slide-out panel choose the correct form.

Step 16

Save and publish.

Step 17

View and test the form on the front end of your uSkinned Site Builder website.


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