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How to install uSkinned Site Builder update packages

When you purchase a website license for the uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco CMS you are granted 1 year of support and updates. We release updates via an update package that can be found in the Member's area of the uSkinned website. 

Update releases may contain bug fixes or new features, you can find the changelog in the Member's area of the uSkinned website next to the Upgrade Package downloads.

We do not provide a fully automated update process as we have no way of knowing how you may customise the uSkinned Site Builder code. There would be a danger that any changes you have made would be overwritten. The changelog will indicate what changes have been made between versions.

It is important to install your updates in order of release. Install each newly released version before moving onto the next. For example, if you are running version 1.0.0 but there is already a version 1.0.3 available, you must installed 1.0.1 and then 1.0.2 in order first before installing 1.0.3 and so on.

Step 1 — Install uSync

uSync is an awesome Umbraco package that takes the bits of Umbraco that are stored in a database and moves them to disk, so you can source control, copy and move your Umbraco site between computers and servers.

The uSync package can be download from

Login to the CMS > Go to Packages > Go to 'Install' > Install the uSync Package Zip folder.

Step 2 — Download the Update Package

Go to Member's area dashboard > Click on Site Builder > Scroll to Changelog > Download the relevant Update Package. 

Step 3 — Install the Update Package

Login to your CMS > Go to Packages > Go to 'Install' > Install the Update Package Zip folder that you downloaded in Step 2.

Step 4 — Compare Files (optional)

When the Update Package is installed we will place all updated files in the /usn/updates folder of your website. You can use the files within this folder to compare against your live website files for changes. If no changes have been made by yourself you can copy the updated files into the correct folders. If the updates folder contains a folder called 'uSync' DO NOT copy this folder to the route level of your site until uSync has been installed. See below for further instructions on using uSync.

A popular tool for comparing changes can be found here:

Step 5 — Copy the uSync folder

Copy the 'uSync' folder from your Updates folder to the root directory of your website.

Step 6 — Import Update Files with uSync

Login to the CMS > Go to Settings (Section) > uSync (node) > Click 'Import'

This step will update the uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco with all of the relevant changes.

Please note, you may have to run this import 2 or 3 times to make sure all Document Type changes are picked up.


Additional Steps

Depending on the updates in the package you may have a couple of other steps. 

Step a

If there are any CSS or Javascript updates then please make sure you 'Save and publish' the 'Design' (or multiple 'Designs') that your site is using — you should do this individually on each 'Design'. 

Step b

'Save and publish' all pages — you can do this via the Home node by publishing with descendants.

Step c

'Save and publish' the 'Global' node and all children of the 'Global' node — you should do this individually on each child of the 'Global' node e.g. "Settings', 'Navigation', and so on. 


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