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How to add or edit a Contact Form

You can add a Contact Form to any page or blog post within uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco. In a matter of seconds, you can start receiving form submissions.

Step 1

Login to the CMS.

Step 2

In the tree menu on the left, go to (or create) a page or blog post.

Step 3

On the 'Content' tab, scroll to 'Main Content'.

Step 4

Click the 'Add content' button.

Step 5

From the slide-out panel, select the component 'Form'.

Step 6

At the label 'Form type', select 'Contact Form'.

Step 7

Here you can add:

  • Recipient email address
    • This is the only field you need to fill in to be able to collect form submissions.
  • Heading
  • Secondary Heading
  • Introduction copy
  • Button text
  • Submission message
    • We would recommend you add content here, this will let your users know they have sent a successful submission.
  • Subscriber list ID
    • You can hook this up to a specific Subscriber List with one of our out of the box integrations with Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor.

Step 8

In the bottom right, hit 'Submit'.

Step 9

'Save and Publish' your page or blog post. 

Your new 'Contact Form' is now available on your website.

More ways to display Contact Forms

There are a variety of places you can add a Contact Form to your uSkinned Site Builder website.

You can try this out using the same steps for:

— Pods component > Form
— Split component > Form
— Global components > Form
— Reusable components > Form
— Global pods > Form
— Extra Content pods > Form
— Reusable pods > Form
— Footer pods > Form


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