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How to create a multiple website solution for Umbraco

Creating a multi language or region website couldn't be simpler with a uSkinned Umbraco Starter Kit. 

Step 1

Firstly, you will need to copy your Homepage node and create a new one for each new language or region that your website will require.

Content > Right click on your Homepage node > Copy > Select to copy to the Content level (see below screenshot) > Untick 'Relate to Original' > Choose whether or not to 'Include Descendants' > Then click the green 'Copy' button at the bottom of the panel

Step 2

You will now need a Website Configuration node for each new language or region. In order to do this, you will need to check the box that will allow you to create this at the root level of your content tree.

Settings > Expand Document Types > Click on Website Configuration Section > Go to Permissions (top right) > Tick the box 'Yes - allow content of this type in the root' > Save

You can now copy the existing Website Configuration node, including descendants to the root of your content section and use this for your new language.

Step 3

On the newly created Homepage node go to the Properties tab and point the ‘Website Configuration Node’ property to the one that will relate to your new language or region.

Step 4

Finally, any text that isn’t controlled via the content section of Umbraco, is found in the Settings > Dictionary Section of Umbraco. You can control the text for each language there. You will also need to set the Culture and Hostnames for each Homepage to point to the correct language.


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