Quick Tip: Minor updates go a long way with Umbraco 7.6.4+ ready themes

Our latest updates for Umbraco 7.6.4 and up have a ton of new functionality ranging from the complex to simple, here we'll demonstrate how to make the most out of some of the latter.

1. Hide Header & Footer Options

On the property tab of any page within your uSkinned powered Umbraco theme you will find the options to hide the Header & Footer. These are both fairly self explanatory, if you select to hide your Header then the header on that page will be hidden and if you choose to hide your footer then the footer will be hidden on that particular page.

Hide the Header and/or the Footer of a page

One use case for this piece of functionality would be for when you need to create campaign specific pages that work as standalone to the rest of your website and would prefer not to show header and/or footer navigation.

Another would be if your site isn't quite finished yet but you would like to push a temporary one-page site that has no requirement for a header and/or footer.

2. Fixed Width Option

Until now this was decided by a themes design. However, you can now select your preferred option for any of our 7.6.4 and up ready themes. You can find this under the Website Configuration node > Global Settings > General Settings tab.

Choose to add a maximum width to your website

Has fixed width set to on

The above site has 'Fixed Width' set to 'Yes'.

Has fixed width set to No

The above site has 'Fixed Width' set to 'No'.

3. Configurable Cookie Notice Option

This has been something that a number of users have requested in the past and (finally) we've added it into this update. 

It's completely configurable, firstly you can choose whether to display it at all as well as enter the message, button text and for how many days the cookie should exist before the user is prompted to accept it again.

Configure your website cookie notice in Umbraco

You can find the options for this functionality under Website Configuration node > Global Settings > Cookie Notification tab.

Umbraco EU cookie notice in action

4. Navigation CTA Link

Located in the Navigation node under Website Configuration you will now find a tab titled 'CTA'. This will allow you to add a pull out call to action to your website. The placement of this will vary slightly from theme to theme but will always be in a prominent position.

A great use case for this would be if you're a non-profit and would like to add emphasis to a 'Donate' link. However, there are plenty of other reasons to use this for almost any website project.

CTA link found in navigation

CTA link on frontend in Source theme

5. Page & Component Custom Classes

This is a simple input field found on all Page and Component types. This allows you to enter additional classes that will then be added to the code of that particular page or component.

Add custom classes to pages and components in Umbraco CMS

A great use case is if you would like to quickly override certain styles of either a page or component that is not required for other areas of the site and don't want to waste time building in complex logic. For example, you might like to add some additional padding or a margin on the fly. We've actually added some classes into layout.css to get you started:

  • padding-top
  • padding-bottom
  • no-padding
  • no-padding-top
  • no-padding-bottom
  • short-padding
  • short-padding-top
  • short-padding-bottom
  • margin-top
  • margin-bottom
  • no-margin
  • no-margin-top
  • no-margin-bottom
  • short-margin
  • short-margin-top
  • short-margin-bottom 
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