Quick Tip: Upload and resize the logo for your Umbraco 7 theme

How do I add a logo to my theme and then resize it?

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Step 1: Upload your logo

Within all of our themes we provide our users with the ability to upload their own logo to the theme via the Content Editor area of the Umbraco CMS.

This can be found: Login to CMS > Go to Content > Expand Website Configuration > Open Global Settings > Use the media picker to upload your logo

Step 2: Resize your logo

Now you're logo is in place you might find you want to either increase or reduce it a little in size. Don't worry, that's really simple too :)

Login to CMS > Go to Settings > Expand Partial Views > Expand USNWebsiteHeadSection > Open USN_InternalStyles > Find this code

if (originalHeight > 30)
//get new width
smallWidth = (30 * originalWidth) / originalHeight;
smallHeight = 30;

You should now update the above number in bold (this will differ from theme to theme) with the height, in pixels, that you would like your logo to be. The width of the logo will then be calculated based on the ratio of the original image you uploaded in step 1.

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