Quick Tip: Hide a page from all navigation including your sitemap in Umbraco 7

I want to create a campaign landing page on my site that is not available on any navigation, including the Sitemap page. How can I achieve this with a uSkinned Umbraco theme?

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Creating campaign specific landing pages has become a necessity for businesses and organisations across all sectors.

It is for this reason that we've built in a simple, yet powerful, hide from all navigation switch into any page you create inside the Umbraco CMS with all of our starter kits. On top of this we have also added in a field to create an Alternative URL to your page so it doesn't matter what level of your website the hidden page actually sits.

Step 1

Create a page. This can be created at any level of your website, it doesn't matter if it's at the top level of your node tree or 3 levels deep.

Step 2

Inside the CMS go to the page you wish to hide. Navigate to the "Properties" tab. Now find the switch labelled "Hide from all Navigation" and simply turn it on then Save and Publish.

Your page will now be hidden from all navigation that it was previously found on, whether that's the main nav, top nav, sub nav or the Sitemap. To direct users to it simply use the direct URL for the page.

Step 3 (optional)

You could even go a little further and give this page an Alternative URL. This would be particularly handy for a landing page that is found deeper in your website.

In our example the given URL for this page is: mywebsite.com/contact/location/
We have now given it an Alternative URL of: mywebsite.com/this-is-my-competition-page/

This is now a much more useful URL if you are sharing it across different media channels to promote your landing page.

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