How to use MailChimp with uSkinned Newsletter Signup Form

Please note, as of 23rd Aug 2016 our themes come fully integrated with both MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. You can choose betwen each on the Global Settings node.

Out of the box our Umbraco themes will allow you to collect user email addresses via Newsletter signup forms that have been hooked into the Campaign Monitor API. These forms can be placed on any page throughout your website and can link to different subscriber lists if needed.

As we know, not all of our customers will want to use Campaign Monitor but instead might prefer Mail Chimp. Don't worry changing this over is a piece of cake, thanks to one of our existing customers Alex Lindgren who has very nicely updated the code for us.

Alex even had some really nice things to say about our Umbraco themes in his blog post :)

I have chosen to use a uSkinned theme as it’s a great way to quickly implement an Umbraco website.

Alex Lindgren,

To find out how to update the newsletter subscriber form simply follow the link to Alex's blog post


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