Slick - A fully responsive, swipe ready carousel

All of our themes come with, Slick, a responsive carousel built for the modern web. It supports single items, multiple items, scrolling one at a time, uneven sets, fading, and the ability to easily add and remove items from the list. The output is elegantly simple while taking advantage of modern web technologies, such as CSS3, and good design practices, such as responsive design. It also supports both swipe (for touch devices) and desktop dragging.

Within our themes you would typically see it being used for a Homepage banner area and within the page component for Image Slideshows. However, we do use it some other areas for certain themes, an example of this would be for the gallery carousel found at the foot of the homepage on the Synergy Umbraco theme.

Slick is released under the MIT license and is available to download from GitHub at:

To view a demo, visit:

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