Introducing Source 3.0 - Another step forward for Umbraco themes

Today we launched Source 3.0 with a ton of improvements which we plan to roll out over all existing themes in the coming months.

The main purpose of this update was to tidy up code, remove the need for third party plugins, provide better multi-lingual support and improve the organisation of partial views and document types to make it easier for our customers to find and edit code if required.

As well as updating all existing themes to include all of the improvements we have added to Source 3.0 we are also planning to upgrade the frontend framework of all of our themes to use Twitter Bootstrap.

We have had great feedback from our existing customers and with a large user base in over 30 countries we are in a unique position that allows us to understand how people from a variety of technical backgrounds, novice to advanced, certified developers and agencies are using Umbraco. This large spectrum of users will help us in our mission to continually strive to make our themes the best starting point for any Umbraco project.

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