How to add a component to a page or blog post

Step 1

Login to the CMS.

Step 2

In the tree menu, click on any page or post.

Step 3

Go to the tab 'Content'.

Step 4

Next to the label, 'Main Content', click 'Add Content'.

Step 5

From the slide-out panel, select from the wide range of components available.

Step 6

Add content to your chosen components. Reorder them to suit your needs.

Step 7

Once you're happy, hit Save and Publish.

A 'Components' folder is automatically created each time a page is added to the CMS.

Step 1

Under any page or post hover the Components folder > Click on the "..." icon > A slide-out panel will appear with your available components > Scroll up and down in the slide-out panel to see all available components > Choose a component.

Step 2

Give the component a name in the field provided > Enter the necessary content > Save and Publish.

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