How to add an item to your navigation

Quickly learn how to add an item to any navigation in your uSkinned theme for Umbraco.

Step 1

Login to the CMS > Expand Website Configuration > Click on Navigation

Step 2

Choose the Navigation you wish to edit, in this example we will edit the "Main" Navigation.

Step 3

Choose whether or not you wish to link to an External or Internal link. In this example we will choose an internal link, you can link to both Pages and Components from here.

Add navigation to Umbraco 1-3 or 8

Step 4

Now click to choose your Internal Page or Component.

Add navigation to Umbraco 4 or 8

Step 5

From the slide out panel on the right find which Page or Component you wish to link to.

Add navigation to Umbraco 5 or 8

Step 6

Enter a name you wish to appear on the Main Navigation on the front end of the website. You do not need to give your Navigation item the same name as it's node name. E.g. if you were linking to a Frequently Asked Questions page you prefer it to read FAQs in the navigation. This offers your content editors maximum flexibility when editing Navigation in the CMS.

Step 7

Once you're ready be sure to click "Add" on the right side of the table, this will ensure your link is locked into the navigation ready to save and publish.

Add navigation to Umbraco 6-7 or 8

Step 8

Simply hit "Save and Publish" in the bottom right of the screen and your new item is ready to be seen by users on the front end of your Umbraco website.

Add navigation to Umbraco 8 or 8

Well done! #h5yr

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