How to add a Blog Post to your Umbraco theme

Here we will guide you through the steps you should take when creating a Blog Post.

Step 1

Login to the CMS > Expand the Blog section by clicking the arrow to the left of the Blog node.

Umbraco Blogging

Step 2

Hover of the "Posts" folder > Click the "..." icon > Choose which post type (we will use Standard Blog Post for our tutorial although the setup is pretty much the same for both)

Umbraco Blogging

Step 3

Name your post, don't worry this can be edited at any time.

Step 4

Go to the Settings tab > Assign a post date using the date picker.

Umbraco Blogging dates

Step 5

 Assign a category to your blog post - you can choose as many or as few as you wish. You don't need to assign any if you don't wish to - our themes offer maximum flexibility.

Umbraco Blogging

You can remove them or add more whenever you wish.

Umbraco Blogging system

Step 6

Go to the Listings tab > Select an image to display on the blog listing.

Umbraco Blogging

Write a summary to display on the listing. If you leave this blank a summary will be auto-generated from the blog post content.

Umbraco Blogging system

Step 7

Go to the Content tab > Enter your blog post content. You can choose to display an image at the top of the post too if you wish, this does not need to be the same as your listing image.

Umbraco Blogging system

Step 8

Save and Publish your new blog post. You will now see the post be auto-magically added to the correct year and month folders in the node tree under your Posts folder. If you change the date later then it will automatically move to a new location after you Save and Publish it again.

Woohoo - That's it!


Well done! #h5yr

You can go a step further if you wish and add components to the Post or choose to display a banner at the top too. We've only covered the basics of publishing a new Blog post to your Umbraco website. :-) 

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