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Web Agency

Active Artware GmbH

German-based web agency AA-G leverages uSkinned Site Builder to enhance the efficiency and scalability of Umbraco-powered websites.

We sat down with CEO Patrick Brill to discuss how his prominent web agency in Germany has recently reinvented their Umbraco development strategy.

Patrick Brill
Active Artware GmbH


As client demands continued to rise, the agency's in-house-developed Umbraco starter kit began to show its age. Projects were accumulating and a swifter, more cost-effective solution was urgently required. The existing, once efficient tools were now outdated, struggling to meet the increased demand. This created a bottleneck, an issue that the team became increasingly concerned with, and it underscored the crucial need for an updated, more efficient, and transformative solution.

We can launch faster and less expensive Umbraco CMS websites with uSkinned Site Builder.

Patrick Brill, CEO, Active Artware GmbH


Enter, uSkinned Site Builder. This was the game-changer they had been waiting for. Site Builder offered everything they needed - it was easy to use, more cost-effective, and flexible. It was like finding the perfect solution to a previously unsolvable puzzle. Opting to give it a try, they were pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the transition. The team at AA-G adapted to it quickly, and in no time at all, the pace of launching Umbraco websites was faster than ever before.

Even inexperienced users can achieve professional results quickly with uSkinned Site Builder... an easy-to-use tool for Umbraco.

Patrick Brill, CEO, Active Artware GmbH


Today, the German web agency is in a strong position. They're launching websites at an impressive pace and seeing significant savings in development costs. They're drawing in a larger client base and are primed for operational scalability as required. Importantly, this progression has been achieved without compromising the quality of their deliverables.

This is a testament to the impact of adopting the right tools and embracing change. The efficiency of the uSkinned Site Builder has become a pivotal asset in their development process. The agency's evolution seems to be ongoing, indicating their potential for continued growth and success.

eCommerce, Food Technology

Les Délisoeurs

The manufacture of the finest liver pates & more. A small manufacturer that sells its goods online next to delicatessens and regional supermarkets. Due to increased requirements, the website had to be transported from Jimdo to a new store system.

In my role as project manager, we migrated the website in cooperation with the owner of the manufacturer and powered the store system with uSkinned Site Builder's out-of-the-box Snipcart integration.

uSkinned makes our lives so much easier. Thank you!

Fabian Beier, Programmer, Active Artware GmbH


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 Increased development capacity

 Increased customer base


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