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How to add CookieYes GDPR Compliant Consent

Integrate CookieYes GDPR Consent with your uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco website in seconds.

Generate your CookieYes GDPR Consent code

Step 1

Sign up for CookieYes — verify your account and log into your dashboard.

Step 2

Follow the guide from CookieYes to generate your code. Copy the code provided.

Embed your CookieYes code

Step 3

Login to your Umbraco CMS > In the tree menu, go to "Global" > From the grid, go to "Settings".

Global options with uSkinned for Umbraco.

Step 4

Go to the "Scripts" tab > Locate the "Header opening scripts" field, and paste the code from Step 2. 

Paste your cookie bot embed code into uSkinned for Umbraco.

Step 5

In the bottom right corner, click "Save and Publish".

CookieYes will now be present for your users to set their own preferences and ensure that your site adheres to all necessary laws.


Step 1

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Step 4


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