Customer Story: 
Ministry of Sound

A global powerhouse in the entertainment and music industries has streamlined their digital presence thanks to uSkinned themes for Umbraco CMS.

uSkinned starter kits are helping the Ministry of Sound team deliver better digital experiences by increasing engagement and conversion both inside the CMS and on the front end.

The Problem

Ministry of Sound had already adopted Umbraco CMS to power much of their digital presence. They were aware of the benefits the CMS offered but were becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of consistency for content editors across each of their brands' websites. 

With the demands on their digital teams to create and publish content across their entire network of websites, it became increasingly obvious that they would require a more streamlined and consistent approach to content management within Umbraco.

The ability to add components to pages and customise the layouts has allowed us to create websites that look fully customised on a small budget. The flexibility of the platform is a lifesaver. Without all the page components, settings or SEO fields Umbraco is just like any other CMS. uSkinned themes really take it to another level.

Barney Blackhurst, Senior Digital Product Manager, Ministry of Sound

The Solution

The need to use a solid and consistent foundation across all websites was a must for Ministry of Sound. This ensures that their content teams can quickly create and publish articles and pages on any of the brands' websites without the need to be trained time and time again. Furthermore, a consistent approach makes ongoing project management of the websites even easier and ultimately saves money by reducing development costs and the time spent in the CMS.

Our favourite uSkinned feature for saving design and development time is Page Components. It's easier than ever to create new, slick pages, even with no coding experience. The General Settings area is also a really useful feature as it contains all the key information needed to make our website unique.

Barney Blackhurst, Senior Digital Product Manager, Ministry of Sound

The Outcome

Thanks to uSkinned themes, Ministry of Sound can now quickly prototype, customise, and launch new Umbraco-powered websites in no time at all and at a fraction of their previous costs now that everything can be handled by their in-house team. Moreover, the management team can be rest assured that each content editor has a consistent experience whilst editing any website in the network, ensuring that no time is wasted within the CMS. 

Using a mixture of built-in uSkinned features coupled with website specific functionality and designs, they have now begun re-launching each website in the network:

Site details 


We've improved our conversion rate, reduced the time spent in the CMS and our customers are more engaged with each of our websites. I can't thank uSkinned enough for their amazing Umbraco themes.

Barney Blackhurst, Senior Digital Product Manager, Ministry of Sound

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 Saved money
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