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Development Agency

Made By Pill

Portuguese software development agency, Made By Pill, has been on the right track since they adopted uSkinned back in 2015!

Business owner, Sara Ferreira, shares why her company uses uSkinned Site Builder for all of their Umbraco website projects.

Sara Ferreira
Made By Pill


Made By Pill is a software development agency specialising in .NET, ASP.NET, and C#. They have extensive experience using Umbraco CMS, dating back to 2010. However, they found that they were often repeating the same tasks at the beginning of each project, and were frustrated by the lack of high-quality plugins or starter kits to aid in their development process.

We wanted to speed up the development process of building Umbraco websites... we now incorporate uSkinned in all projects!

Sara Ferreira, CEO, Made By Pill


In 2015, Made By Pill discovered uSkinned, a product designed specifically for building intuitive and flexible Umbraco websites quickly. They soon realised that uSkinned was the solution they were looking for.

Their developers can now easily create and customise, reducing the time and effort required to build new websites. This has led to faster project completion times and more efficient use of development resources. This is great news for the development team and business owners alike.

We love the flexibility of uSkinned Site Builder and its components offer, with hundreds of possible combinations.

Sara Ferreira, CEO, Made By Pill


Made By Pill has found uSkinned to be a valuable asset in its Umbraco web development projects. It has allowed the company to meet the demands of their clients and stay competitive in the market. The tool has made it easier for them to deliver high-quality websites quickly and efficiently.

Events, Sport, Multi-lingual

Capítulo Perfeito 2023

UX-UI Design, Web Design, Development

The project consisted of having a voting system so that the users could vote for the surfers that they wanted to participate in the event. To do that we made a website focused on presenting the surfers and showing the media (photos and video) from the previous event.

Due to the very tight deadline of an event with a defined date, we were forced to put it online within two weeks from when the brief was delivered to us. Without uSkinned, it would never be possible to have a complete website with all the necessary features in that time frame.

uSkinned has everything we need to build a website.

Sara Ferreira, CEO, Made By Pill


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5 out of 5


The biggest benefits of uSkinned for Umbraco

 Saved development time

 Saved design time

 Saved money

 Increased profit

 Increased development capacity


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uSkinned is the essential vitamin for all Umbraco websites.

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