How to work with Umbraco Cloud locally

Step 1

Login to the Umbraco Cloud portal (

Step 2

Go to your project.

Step 3

Hit to 'How to connect to your machine'. Copy this URL.

Step 4

On your computer, paste the URL into your git client or terminal and your site will be downloaded to your local machine. We would recommend GitKraken or Sourcetree.

Step 5

Open your site in Visual Studio Code. Assuming you have IIS Express for VS Code installed, you can run the website in a browser by hitting CTRL+F5 then choosing which browser in the prompt window. 

Step 6

Your site will open in the selected browser. You can now get your content from the Umbraco Cloud. Simply, fill in your credentials and click "Restore", this will get all of the latest content and media and ensure that all references are up to date.

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