How to create and configure hostnames with Umbraco Cloud

Before you start, make sure you have bought a domain for your new website. This should be something like You can purchase domains from many different places, including,

Step 1

Log in to the control panel of where your domain names are registered - in this example, we have used 123-reg although most providers will be similar. Navigate to the correct domain and then choose "Manage DNS (A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV)".

Step 2

You should now set a CNAME record for your Umbraco Cloud provided URL (e.g. and an A record for the Umbraco Cloud IP

Step 3

Log in to the Umbraco Cloud Portal (

Step 4

Go to the project you wish to configure.

Step 5

From the 'Settings' dropdown in the top right of the project dashboard select 'Hostnames'.

Step 6

In the field provided add all of the hostnames for your new website, e.g.


Step 7

Refresh the page 'Hostnames' on Umbraco Cloud. If set up correctly, each domain should display the phrase 'Protected by Latch' to the right-hand side.

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