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Keep on track of new functionality and fixes in the Site Builder changelog.

Current Umbraco versions: 8.17.0 - 8.17.1

Current uSkinned Site Builder: 1.1.2

Current uSkinned Site Builder: 31st Dec 2021

31st December 2021

Version 1.1.2

Fix — User permissions issue when viewing 'Reusable Pods' and 'Reusable Components' if logged into Umbraco CMS as a user who cannot view Settings section. User was automatically logged out of CMS.

Fix — User permissions issue when viewing content node containing 'Split Component' if logged into Umbraco CMS as a user who cannot view Settings section. User was automatically logged out of CMS.

Fix — Additional null check added to images partial view.

17th December 2021

Version 1.1.1

Fix — SEO Meta Title was displaying as null in Umbraco CMS content section.

Fix — Previous update had resulted in reCAPTCHAV2 not working.

15th December 2021

Version 1.1.0

Feature — Adobe Fonts support out of the box.

Feature — Modal (lightwindow) anything.

Feature — Modal (lightwindow) global triggers.

Feature — Modal (lightwindow) page triggers.

Feature — Modal (lightwindow) link to from anywhere.

Feature — Design settings for Modal (lightwindow).

Performance — Blog no longer uses Examine.

Performance — Added full support for the all-new Umbraco Tabs.

Performance — Removed Matryoshka package dependency.

Enhancement — Block List Editor redesign, including child elements.

Enhancement — Global node redesign.

Enhancement — New Header layouts available.

Enhancement — Membership Registration with Member Group.

Enhancement — Improved out of the box 1-to-1 variant translation.

Enhancement — Descriptions added to nodes within Global.

Enhancement — List View redesign for reusable components.

Enhancement — List View redesign for reusable pods.

Enhancement — Improved SEO and Accessibility on the header expand button.

Enhancement — Improved SEO and Accessibility on the site search expand button.

Enhancement — No crop option is now available for all images.

Enhancement — New crop ratios are available for all images.

Enhancement — Upgrade Umbraco Forms uSkinned theme templates to version 8.8.0.

Fix — Header 14 LG log fix.

Fix — Modal (lightwindow) double scrollbar fix.

Fix — Header 18 LG fix.

Fix — Member Registration get URL.

Fix — Back to top, bottom margin wrongly calculated.

Fix — Updated how Recaptcha scripts are loaded as per Google recommendations.

Fix — Banner background image fix.

Fix — Set border-radius to correct part of an item when the background colour is selected.

Fix — Component background image was not WebP enabled.

Fix — Add a required attribute to all number fields in the Visual Designer in preview mode and CMS.

Fix — Additional colours and buttons can now be added via Visual Designer in preview mode.

Fix — Improve CSS animations settings.

Fix — Correct padding on an item when "icon-images" is set to parent.

Fix — Keyboard focus state now everywhere.

Fix — Delete notification on Main Navigation in CMS.

Fix — Fix to header logo when SVG used and browser being used to view website is Firefox.

20th September 2021

Version 1.0.3

Feature — Random order option for Pods.

Feature — Random order option for Subpage Listings.

Feature — Random order option for Related Content.

Feature — Random order option for Gallery.

Feature — Random order option for Windows.

Feature — Random order option for Banner.

Feature — Background color option for Text/image Pod, Subpage Listing and related content items of any layout - not just overlay style.

Feature — Select the order of secondary heading and heading in Designs.

Feature — Hide button on Windows items.

Feature — Secondary Headings option next to Page Title.

Feature — Secondary Heading and Heading option on page summary.

Feature — Script tag field for opening <head>. Available globally and on a page by page basis. Perfect for preload, preconnect and dns-fetch options.

Feature — Scale banner item now includes all image crop sizes.

Performance — Upgrade Bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.5.3.

Performance — Upgrade JQuery from 3.5.1 to 3.6.0.

Performance — Removed Modernizr. Replace with a minimal amount of code to target touch/no-touch devices.

Performance — Removed automatic image resizing in rich text editors.

Enhancement — Explicit dimensions on all images.

Enhancement — Google ReCaptcha V3 option available. ReCaptcha V2 is still an option.

Enhancement — Two new header layouts for large screens.

Enhancement — CSS added for using <pre> code tags.

Enhancement — Twitter Card now pulling large images for social sharing.

Enhancement — Visual Designer button messages. The button will be disabled with a clear message if incorrect data format is added.

Enhancement — Visual Designer input errors. The input will display an error message when incorrect data format is entered.

Enhancement — Single file now controls all headings.

Enhancement — Single file now controls all secondary headings.

Enhancement — Image error message when too large a file is uploaded.

Enhancement — Background image error message when too large a file is uploaded.

Enhancement — 279 new fonts from Google Fonts are now available for selection.

Enhancement — Retina images with half size fallback for non-retina screens.

Enhancement — Bootstrap Tooltips are now available if required.

Enhancement — Umbraco Form partial view updates based on latest release.

Fix — HTML tags allowed in Page Title.

Fix — Reorder and reword Navigation dropdown 

Fix — Header 05 large screen layout issue.

Fix — Umbraco Forms submission use same email template as uSkinned Forms.

Fix — Focus outline when a user enters Secondary navigation with keyboard controls.

Fix — Lightbox prev/next arrows now fixed to viewport edge to ensure they do not move when different image heights are loaded in.

Fix — Vertical alignment of prev/next carousels.

Fix — Consistent wording in CMS and Visual Designer for Navigation Dropdowns.

Fix — Update to CSS for color picker conflict with Umbraco Color picker.

Fix — Modal box CSS updates for a future feature in 1.0.4.

Fix — Small screen padding for Secondary navigation.

Fix — Offscreen back to top link.

Fix — Tidy up of Site Search CSS.

Fix — Site Search border color when used in Header and Footer.

Fix — Language Navigation logic.

Fix — Scroll prompt animates only if animation is selected on the banner item.

11th May 2021

Version 1.0.2

Performance — Width and height property added to all images — performance and speed enhancement.

Performance — CSS import changed to <link> refs in Partial View to ensure all files bundle properly — performance and speed enhancement.

Enhancement  — Block editor components now have a new image icon.

Enhancement — Reduced name size on some block components and some label text updated.

Enhancement — Aria labels added to all navigation and tabs — accessibility improvement.

Enhancement — Change #site from <div> to <main> — accessibility improvement.

Fix — Fix issue with line breaks in the accordion component.

Fix — Fix to disable webP support on Banner and Windows section if disabled via web.config setting.

Fix — Fix issues with syncing colors between Umbraco CMS Design Section and uSkinned Design Panel in preview mode.

Fix — Single field form button alignment — fixed.

Fix — Anchor navigation breaks without setting 'Sticky' — fixed.

Fix — Search button sizing wrong on Header 05 LG — fixed.

Fix — Search button and cart size wrong on Header 09 LG — fixed.

Fix — Links inside tabs/accordions breaking lines — fixed.

Fix — Login form 'reset password' link did not allow underlines — fixed.

Fix — Dashboard breaks with long page names in links — Fixed.

Fix — Touch device focus-within on navigation for subpages — Fixed.

6th April 2021

Version 1.0.1

Enhancement — New blank email template for Umbraco forms.

Enhancement — A new field was added to the footer to allow the edit of a copyright notice from Umbraco CMS.

Enhancement — New fields were added to pods to include heading and sub heading options.

Enhancement — New setting on designs to allow custom CSS on additional content and button colors.

Fix — Minor layout updates to CSS files.

Fix — Fix issue with uSkinned Tours in CMS not allowing you to complete.

Fix — Several updates across packages to fix issues with the blog and search not working on multi-site environments with different cultures.

Fix — uSkinned dashboard fixes to resolve layout issues when page names are too long.

21st March 2021

Version 1.0.0

New — Initial release. Read our release blog post

New — Take the Site Builder tour or read the full feature list

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