Welcome from the uSkinned Founders

Thanks for showing an interest in our Umbraco themes

We would like to welcome you to our site and to give you an idea of the journey that led to uSkinned being born.

uSkinned Evolved Out of our own In-house Solution

We were frustrated with repeating tasks over and over again each time we wanted to start a new website project. For us, it just made sense to create a package that could save time by short-cutting the steps completed with every new Umbraco install.

Fundamentally, we believe that starting from scratch every time you want to build an Umbraco site is overkill.  It leads to inconsistencies and it also costs vital resources that could be better allocated to other areas of your project.

Over time, the uSkinned package has itself evolved and today boasts a whole framework of functionality that we now call ORIGIN. Combined with one of our fully responsive themes, ORIGIN enables you to pack loads of functionality into your Umbraco install with just a few clicks of your mouse not weeks of coding.

Our Values - Practical, No-nonsense, Client-Led

Our framework has been engineered in a way that makes sense to us based on years of creating client websites.

We purposefully stayed away from a fancy drag-n-drop interface because we believe this approach does not suit our specific use-case.

Our themes have been designed to save you time and to offer maximum control to someone who knows what they are doing, this means not spending time faffing about with drag and drop widgets.

We believe that drag-n-drop serves a purpose for someone who is totally new to Umbraco or web design and wants to play about but our view is that a more ridged framework is optimal for professional designers, developers and clients alike.

What you'll get with uSkinned is a tried and tested implementation of Umbraco that works for clients and developers alike.  Nothing is locked down, extend and tweak to your hearts desire whilst being able to give your client a host of value-added functionality out the box.

Streamline Umbraco based Web Development Projects

Our themes solution revolutionised the way we built and designed web applications and we're sure it will do you same for you.

If you are starting from scratch for all of your website projects then we're confident that this will be a game-changer for you. Why reinvent the wheel?

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for product enhancements or feature requests and we'll do our best to incorporate them into future versions.

From all of us at uSkinned...

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

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