Feature Index

This extensive list covers all of the features present in each uSkinned theme. It is important to note that these features do not come out-of-the-box with Umbraco CMS and would take a developer hours, weeks, or even months to build. Save time and money with uSkinned.

Search Engine Optimisation

Auto-Generating HTML Sitemap

Sitemaps can be added to any page of your website via the Sitemap component. You can choose what page of your site you would like the sitemap to start from. All sub pages are automatically added to your sitemap listing and you can choose to hide certain pages from your sitemap if you wish.

Auto-Generating XML Sitemap

A sitemap.xml file is automatically updated every time you create, update or delete a page on your website. You have full control over what files should be added to your sitemap.xml file, the sitemap priority of each individual page and the sitemap change frequency of each individual page. 

Canonical Tags

Every page of your website will have a canonical tag added to the page source. This is very important for SEO and ensures that search engines only ever index a single URL when each page of your site can possibly be accessed by multiple different URLS.

Robots.txt File Editor

Update your robots.txt file directly from the CMS. On installation of a uSkinned theme this will be setup to link to your sitemap.xml and exclude all Umbraco CMS related paths.

Searchable and Indexed

uSkinned themes provide clean HTML markup that is optimised to be easily indexable by search engines.

Meta Page Titles

You have full control over the exact format of your page titles. These will be automatically generated based on your page and website name to ensure that they are never blank. You can then override the default title when you require greater control.

Meta Descriptions

Update the meta descriptions for each page of your website via the CMS to control exactly how each page is listed in search engines.

Facebook Open Graph Support

Control the image and text displayed for each page of your website when it is shared in Facebook.

Heading Tag Hierarchy

Within the CMS we provide you with a customised editor to control the tags used for each heading on your web pages.   

Rich Snippets

Rich snippet markup is automatically added to the source code of your web pages where relevant, this includes blog articles, breadcrumbs etc.   

Image Alt Tags

Full control over image alt tags on your web pages to improve search engine visibility and accessibility of your website. 

Google Analytics

Manage your Google analytics tracking code from a global settings configuration section within the Umbraco CMS.

Twitter Card

Add twitter card markup to your site by simply adding your twitter username to the Umbraco CMS.

Social Links

Add global links to all of the popular social networks.


Modern Templates

uSkinned themes are carefully crafted by our word-class design team. Our templates and pre-designed components are created with modern web browsers and mobile devices in mind, and use the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques.

Mobile Responsive Designs

Every uSkinned theme automatically changes layout to optimise the overall style for the mobile device that is being used.

Component Based Design

Choose from a library of 23 pre-designed page components which can be added to any page of your website in any order. Each component has many configuration options allowing you to perfectly craft your content to suit your individual needs.

Customisable Page Layouts

Choose from a variety of page layouts to control the column structure of your web pages.


As well as being directly editable via the CMS. We provide the original Sass files for the provided stylesheets. This allows designers who want to delve into the code and customise our themes with a great resource to improve the ease and efficiency of updates.

Custom Classes

This feature allows you to add custom stylesheet classes to each web page or component on your website via the CMS. This provides a great deal of control over the design of your website and provides a method for easy customisation without the need to modify the underlying HTML.

Starter Layouts

On installation of our themes you are provided with example web pages containing all of the layouts and components available. This includes pages for specific purposes such as Contact, Sitemap and more. Edit or remove our example content to create your perfect customised web pages.

Designed for any Purpose

Although our uSkinned themes usually have imagery and logo's illustrating a particular industry or market each theme is designed to work for any purpose. By simply changing the imagery and content within your chosen theme, our themes will adapt to your own specific requirements. 

Color Schemes

Each uSkinned theme comes with a pre-defined color scheme to maintain consistency across your website design. Color schemes can easily be changed to suit your own brand colors. Control background, text and button colors directly from the CMS using a color scheme picker. 

Customisable Backgrounds

Within the settings of each component users have the option to control the background. Either choose from your websites colour palette or add background images. We have also included a handy background configuration tool giving users complete control over how background images are aligned and repeat within a component. This is a massively powerful tool giving your editors a great way of customising the look of their website.

Logo, Favicon, Touch Icon

Manage your website logo, favicon and mobile touch icons directly from the CMS.

Page Components

Each component has lots of configuration options and can be added to your web pages in any order. This provides unlimited flexibility when managing your website content. 

Accordions & Tabs
Organise content into accordion or tab layouts.

Alert box
Add alerts to draw attention to important notices or content. Select from a number of pre-defined recognised alert colors and whether or not alerts can be closed by the user. 

Anchor navigation
Add this 'sticky' style navigation to any page and link to other components directly using anchors and the navigation will scroll with you. You can even link to other internal pages, media items or external links.

Add banners to your web pages with various layouts and features including autoplay carousel, video banners, image banners, parallax and takeover.

Call to Action Strip
Add stylised call to action strips with easily manageable content including headings, text and buttons.

Data List
Display stylised pricing menus, opening hours or anything that needs to be structured data. This is a great way of adding restaurant menus to your website. Create menus that are a part of your website rather than using PDF downloads which are less accessible.

Ecwid Shop
Start selling physical products, digital downloads, event tickets, accept donations... with our Ecwid integration!

Embed Code
Easily embed any third party code to your site for example Google maps, restaurant booking widgets, weather widgets, health club integrations etc.

Add forms to your website. Out of the box we provide contact forms, newsletter signup forms and login forms for password protected pages. Additionally you can create your own forms with the intuitive Umbraco forms builder and easily add your own custom forms to any page of your website without the need for developer assistance.

Choose from a variety of layouts including grid, slideshow and carousel. Galleries can consist of images or videos and have an option to be displayed on page or additionally using a light window allowing for full browser size display. You can even link direct to a full folder in your Media section to pull all media files from that folder into a gallery.

Umbraco Grid Layouts
Add textual content and images using a grid layout editor where you can choose number of columns and rows and lay out your content in a newspaper style.

Instagram Feed
Add an Instagram feed using username or hashtag. Choose from a variety of layouts.

Create a list of links to internal, media or external items. Links to internal resources will automatically provide file size and type information.

Add Accordions, Alert boxes, Tabs, Images, Videos, Text, Embed Code, Quotes, Forms, Links & Data Lists pods in a variety of grid layouts.

Add an auto generated HTML sitemap that starts from your chosen page and ignores pages that should be hidden from your sites navigation.

Split Component
Add Accordions, Alert boxes, Tabs, Data Lists, Embed Code, Forms, Galleries, Grids, Instagram Feeds, Links, Pods, Sitemaps, Subpage Listings, text Blocks and Windows to the same component and split them side by side.

Subpage Listing
Add auto generated subpage listings in tabbed or single list formats. Choose from a variety of layouts and decide how many items should be displayed.

Text Blocks
Add auto generated subpage listings in tabbed or single list formats. Choose from a variety of layouts and decide how many items should be displayed.

Last but not least the windows component is one of our favourites. Add images and videos to your website in a variety of layouts giving an extremely stylish way of presenting image and video content.


Each theme has a fully functioning blogging engine built-in. 

Post Layouts

Choose from a variety of layouts to display your blog posts. Mix up your content with any of the available page components.

Category Support

Create categories with unlimited sub categories. Easily add your blog posts to the categories you have created.

RSS Syndication

Blogs are syndicated via RSS. Our themes come with an autogenerated RSS feed to allow users of your site to easily add your blog to readers such as Feedly, Flipboard and others.

Author Support

Create author pages and tag your posts with the related author.

Disqus Comments

Easy integration with Disqus commenting. Simply enter your Disqus username and voila, commenting is enabled on your posts.

Auto Archiving

Blog posts are automatically added to year and month folders within the CMS. On the website an archive navigation automatically displays archive links for year and months that relate to your blog posts.

Blog Listing Layouts

Choose the number of blog posts per page you would like to appear in your listings. Select from a variety of listing layouts to present your blog in your chosen style.

Additional Features

Search Engine

Each theme comes with an internal search engine built on top of the Umbraco Examine library. This custom site search allows users to search your site content quickly and easily. If you want to get your hands dirty Examine is very extensible and can be configured to your exact search requirements.

Disable Delete

Every node within your site content can be set to 'Disable Delete'. This gives an extra protection feature over your content preventing editors from mistakenly removing important content.

Members Area

Each theme comes with a pre-built password protected members area integrated with Umbraco's own membership provider. Easily add new members via the Umbraco CMS and create content that can only be accessed by logged in members.

Component Anchors

All components added to your web pages are automatically assigned an anchor ID. Using link pickers within the Umbraco CMS you can directly select any component on a page. An anchor link is automatically generated so that links to these components jump directly to the associated section of your web page.

Site Navigation

Complete control over the items that are displayed in your website navigation. Select exactly what pages appear in a variety of navigation elements including main, secondary, footer, quick links and members navigation.

Site Notification

Add a global notification message to your website. This can be configured to be hidden on acceptance for your chosen number of days. This is commonly used for cookie notice instructions.

Custom Scripts

Easily add custom Javascript to your web pages at a global or page by page level. This is very useful for adding third-party plugins without having to involve a developer or someone with technical knowledge.

MailChimp/Campaign Monitor Support

Simple integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Using our pre-built contact and newsletter signup forms you can add new subscribers to a global list or form specific subscriber lists.

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