How to setup a 404 error page (Page not found)

Step 1

Locate the following file in the root folder of your Umbraco solution.


find the following line of code:


and enter the ID or GUID of your 404 page. This can be found on the info tab of the content node for your preferred 404 page.

If you are running a multi-lingual website you can set up a different 404 page for the different language cultures used:

<errorPage culture="en-US">****</errorPage>
<errorPage culture="no">****</errorPage>
<errorPage culture="sv">****</errorPage> 


404 not displaying? (Step 2)

With IIS 7.5+ you may need to add an additional line into the sites web.config before it will work. Just add this and you'll be good to go:

  <httpErrors existingResponse="PassThrough"/>

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