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How to stream Wistia video and audio content

Embed video and audio content from Wistia on your uSkinned Site Builder website using one of the many embed HTML options provided.

In our example below, we will use Wistia, which is an amazing video and audio service. 

Embed your Wistia video or audio

Step 1

First, you'll need to generate your embed code on the Wistia website. Please follow the steps in the video below or follow the link for the complete guide and options.


Step 2

Now you have your Wistia video or audio embed code, log in to the uSkinned Site Builder CMS.

Step 3

Create or go to any page.

Step 4

At the "Main Content" label, click "Add content".

Add a modular component to uSkinned for Umbraco website.

Step 5

From the options in the slide-out panel, select the "Embed code" block.

Component options in uSkinned for Umbraco.

Step 6

Paste the embed code you copied in Step 1.

Paste your booking widget embed code into the field provided.

Step 7

Hit "Submit" in the slide-out panel.

Step 8

Now, "Save and publish" your page. 

The Wistia video or audio is now live and your users can now watch it directly from your uSkinned-powered website. 

More ways to add Wistia Video and Audio

There are a variety of places you can embed Wistia video and audio on your uSkinned Site Builder website.

You can try this out using the same steps for:

— Pods component > Embed Code
— Split component > Embed Code block
— Global components > Embed Code
— Global pods > Embed Code
— Extra Content pods > Embed Code
— Footer pods > Embed Code

Wistia video demo



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