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How to create, download and activate a uSkinned license

Step 1

Login to the Member Area of the uSkinned website and go to 'Site Builder Licenses'.

Step 2 a

Check to see if you have any available licenses. If you do, click on the button 'Create' next to one of your unassigned licenses.

Step 2 b

If you have no available licenses you will need to buy an additional one. Click to buy a Site Builder License and follow the steps to complete the purchase.

Once payment is complete return to this screen and then move on to step 3.

Step 3

Before filling out the website license form you should read the following instructions:

Example Website License

Umbraco Cloud

Please note, if you are using Umbraco Cloud, then your staging and development domains should contain your and provided domains. 

Step 4

Enter the domains you wish to assign to your license and double-check these are correct as you will not be able to edit them in the future. Now click 'Create'.

If you do make a mistake and require your license to be edited in the future you will have to submit a support request to the uSkinned team.

Step 5

Click 'Download' to access your license file.

Step 6

Take note of where you have downloaded your license file on your local machine.

Step 7

This step will differ slightly, depending on what version of Umbraco you are running.


Step 1

Sign up

Start a free trial of Site Builder.

Step 2


Tailor the look and feel with the Visual Designer to suit your brand.

Step 3


Add content with built-in eCommerce and third-party integrations.

Step 4


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