Customer Story: 
New Motivations

Part of the Schouten Global Group, New Motivations are behavioural training and coaching experts who empower teams, managers and individuals with purposeful, functional and effective solutions.

Their ICT Manager, Vladimir Kirillov, was investigating content management systems that his team could use to implement their new website. After learning about the benefits Umbraco CMS could bring his organisation, a simple Google search for “Umbraco themes” led him to uSkinned.

The Problem

New Motivations were in need of a website that could showcase their expertise to the widest possible audience. With this in mind, the website would have to be device responsive and include a wide variety of engaging content options, including news, sliders, galleries and third party widgets. Most importantly, to remain cost effective, the website would be delivered by their own in-house team.

Our feature-rich website would have cost at least 100 times more had we commissioned a digital agency to design and build it. Thank you!

Vladimir Kirillov, ICT Manager, New Motivations

The Solution

When Vladimir and his team first discovered uSkinned, they were blown away by the quality of the theme designs. And once they installed their chosen theme, Victorious, they soon realised that the content editing experience was just as great.

The starting point provided by the theme allowed them to jump start production of their website straight away. The ability to trial different content and layout variations gave them the opportunity to focus their attention on what was important: the end user experience.

Great theme designs and the most user-friendly CMS setup I have ever seen. In particular, we love the flexibility of the navigation.

Vladimir Kirillov, ICT Manager, New Motivations

The Outcome

New Motivations website

The result is a multilingual website, available in both Russian and English, that has exceeded New Motivations’ expectations. From parallax banners to complex user-interfaces such as tabs and accordions, the website provides their marketing team with everything they need to sell the organisation's services. 

Furthermore, the website was launched for a fraction of the cost charged by traditional digital agencies, with far greater control within the CMS.

Quick Fire Conclusion

How would you rate the content editor experience in a uSkinned theme?

 5 out of 5

What has been the biggest benefit of using a uSkinned theme?

 Saved development time
 Saved design time
 Saved money
 Learned new skills

And finally, in as few words as possible, how would you describe uSkinned?

The best and only way to start any new website.

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