Customer Story:

An experienced technology company of 20 years are getting the most out of Umbraco CMS with uSkinned themes.

MONOSERV are based in central Scotland offering a wide variety of products and services from website design, development and hosting to business branding, stationery design and printing.

The Problem

Although MONOSERV were aware of Umbraco CMS their team had no direct experience of working with it before they came across uSkinned. Until then, they had mostly opted to build their own custom content management systems which would take up much needed time during development.

An Umbraco CMS website based on a uSkinned theme allows our clients to freely add and edit content as required without the need for any technical knowledge.

Donald Kerr, MONOSERV

The Solution

In order to best serve their clients they were in need of a solid foundation for Umbraco websites that would allow them to take advantage of the full power the CMS possessed. It was essential that they could still extend and adapt upon any base starter kit that was chosen without the need for reinventing the wheel every time they began a new website project.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time we start a new Umbraco project. Using a uSkinned theme as our base allows us to quickly extend the functionality and build in client specific development work, such as, interactive maps.

Donald Kerr, MONOSERV

The Outcome

MONOSERV can now save time and money on all Umbraco CMS projects by simply starting with a uSkinned theme. They can then customise and adapt any uSkinned theme to their clients' specific needs. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box features provided with each theme are available as and when they are required.

SNP #ForGlasgow

"We built a campaign website for Glasgow SNP during the local authority elections in May 2017. Post election, thanks to the flexibility with our uSkinned theme, the website changed from showing candidate information to focusing on elected councillors details with their surgery times and contact information.

We took full advantage of Umbraco CMS by starting with the uSkinned Source Theme which allows our client to freely add and edit content as required. A great deal of the theme features are currently unused but remain available for the client to deploy if required with the ease that uSkinned themes provides.

We were able to quickly customise the theme to include an interactive map of Glasgow. This allows members of the public to obtain information on Glasgow SNP councillors and their surgeries. Additionally, users can also search using their postcode or by simply browsing to the individual ward pages.

Thanks to the clean and clever code provided the website is fully indexed and searchable allowing users to search the client's manifesto and all other parts of the website."

Quick Fire Conclusion

How would you rate the content editor experience in a uSkinned theme?

 5 out of 5

What has been the biggest benefit of using a uSkinned theme?

 Saved development time
 Saved design time
 Saved money
 Learned new skills

And finally, in as few words as possible, how would you describe uSkinned?

uSkinned themes are the perfect base for Umbraco CMS development.

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