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📣 Product update 🥁

Site Builder version 3.0.5 is out now

A minor release of Site Builder, version 3.0.5, is out and it's packed full of great new feature enhancements.

There are 14 feature enhancements and 18 bug fixes in this release. Below we will run through some of the highlights, however, you can view everything else in the changelog for 3.0.5.


3.0.5 Release Highlights

How to access 3.0.5

Upgrading to 3.0.5

Are you fed up reading and want to try it out, no problem, follow this guide on how to install the upgrade.

Install 3.0.5 on a new site

Starting from scratch? Great, here's the code snippet to get started. Copy and paste this into the command line and you're good to go.

Choose the database option that best suits you...

Option A — Local Database

# Ensure we have the latest Umbraco templates
dotnet new -i Umbraco.Templates

# Create solution/project
dotnet new sln --name MyLocalDatabaseSolution
dotnet new umbraco -n MyLocalDatabaseProject --friendly-name "Admin User" --email "" --password "1234567890" --development-database-type LocalDB
dotnet sln add MyLocalDatabaseProject
dotnet add MyLocalDatabaseProject package uSkinnedSiteBuilder

# Run
dotnet run --project MyLocalDatabaseProject
# Running

Option B — SQLite

# Ensure we have the latest Umbraco templates
dotnet new -i Umbraco.Templates

# Create solution/project
dotnet new sln --name MySQLiteSolution
dotnet new umbraco -n MySQLiteProject --friendly-name "Administrator" --email "" --password "1234567890" --development-database-type SQLite dotnet sln add MySQLiteProject dotnet add MySQLiteProject package uSkinnedSiteBuilder # Run dotnet run --project MySQLiteProject #Running

How to buy a license

New Customers

Head over to our pricing page and choose the best plan for you. 

Existing Customers

If you are already using Site Builder then login to the uSkinned Members Portal now to download. 

Free Trial

Sign up for our no-obligation, Microsoft Azure-hosted free trial of uSkinned Site Builder. 

Host with uSkinned

Seamless hosting, Umbraco and uSkinned preinstalled, a world-class and secure platform. Experience the easiest and most affordable way to launch a uSkinned powered website. Talk to us about Hosted uSkinned Websites today.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section or reach out to our team at any time.



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Paul Daly

I am a co-founder and the Creative Lead at uSkinned. It's my responsibility to lead the design and frontend coding efforts for all of our products as well as across each team, including Marketing, Branding, Content and Support.

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