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Four new pro themes ready to install

To coincide with the release of Site Builder version 1.0.3, we're delighted to offer four new pro theme designs: Lismore, Fair, Rona & Stroma — check them out below.

Lismore theme

A versatile business theme that can be adapted for any use case — view the demo.

Lismore theme for Umbraco.

Fair theme

A mouth-watering theme design targeted at restaurants, bars and the hospitality sector — view the demo.

Fair theme for Umbraco.

Rona theme

Whether you're writing on the road or work for an editorial magazine, Rona theme is perfect for you  — view the demo.

Rona theme for Umbraco.

Stroma theme

Designed with the drinks, wine and craft beer industries in mind — view the demo.

Stroma theme for Umbraco.


About the author

Paul Daly

Co-founder and Creative Lead at uSkinned.

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