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Our original Umbraco theme is perfect for anything from rapid prototypes to the starting point for your own designs and customisations. The stripped back design gives you the perfect platform to begin your Umbraco website. No longer do you need to start from a blank canvas. Source comes packed full of pre-built features that you can leave as-is or customise with your own design flair.


Source Theme Features

Below is just some of the functionality available in Source. For full details please read the uSkinned starter kit tour.

Video Banners

Enhance user engagement with a video banner on any page. 


Background Options

Advanced options on all components when used on an Advanced Page or Blog Post.


Standard Component Options

Choose a background colour and/or image for a Standard Component when you are using it on an Advanced Page or Blog Post.


Page Components

Under every page or blog post in your site you will find a folder called Page Components. Here you can add a wide variety of predesigned web components including Slideshows, Banner Carousels, Tabbed content plus loads more.


Newsletter Signup

Our themes are integrated with both MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Simply choose which service you'd like to use and then enter your API Key and Subscriber List ID.


Cookie Notice

Add and configure a slide up cookie notice to allow your users to opt in or out.


Hide Header / Footer

From the Properties tab on any page you can quickly hide your header and/or footer. This is ideal for a one page site or for a campaign specific page that you would like hidden from your main website. 


Plus loads more with Source

This is just some of the functionality available in Source. For full details please read the uSkinned starter kit tour.


Theme Information

First Released
05 Dec 2014
Current Version Number
Current Version Release Date
24 Nov 2017
Umbraco Versions Tested
7.7.2 to 7.9
Browser support
IE9, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari (latest), Chrome (latest), Opera (latest)

Theme Updates

Update to USNContactFormSurfaceController.cs and USNNewsletterSignupSurfaceController.cs. HttpUtility.JavascriptStringEncode used to output all dynamic JavaScript. Solves issues of error message not being displayed if message contains JavaScript escape characters.
Update to USNAdvancedPageBlogPost.cshtml. Added missing FooterScripts section containing Disqus comment count script.
Update to USN_AC_BannerSection.cshtml, USN_AC_CarouselSection.cshtml, USN_AC_PodSection.cshtml, USN_AC_TabbedListingSection.cshtml, USN_AC_TextVideoOrImageSection.cshtml, USN_AC_WindowSection.cshtml, USN_BlogAuthorship.cshtml, USN_BlogListing.cshtml, USN_BlogListItem.cshtml, USN_MainImage.cshtml, USN_StandardPageHeaderSection.cshtml, USN_SWP_ImagePod.cshtml, USN_SWP_VideoPod.cshtml, USN_SC_GallerySection.cshtml, USN_SC_SlideshowSection.cshtml. Image crops now using new crop alias to give maximum control over image crops.
New Data Type USN Image Cropper. This replaces the default Image Cropper used for umbracoFile on Image Media Types. Provides maximum control over how images of each size used across the site are cropped.
Update to USN_SubPageListing.cshtml. Fixed issue where pages that have been hidden from navigation are still displayed in the sub page listing.
New Data Type USN Rotate Speed. Used for autoRotateSpeed property on Document Types 'Banner Section', 'Carousel Section' and 'Slideshow Section'. Update to USN_AC_BannerSection.cshtml, USN_AC_CarouselSection.cshtml and USN_SC_SlideshowSection.cshtml to recognise new property. Provides nicer editor experience on these Document Types.
New option 'Hide from search engines' added to the 'Properties' tab of all pages. If selected a 'noindex' meta tag is added to the page.
All page components with repeating elements updated to use the new Umbraco List View feature.
New option 'Image order' added to the 'Window Section' component allowing you to decide if larger or smaller images should appear first.
Update to Newsletter Signup Sitewide Pod to fix issue with signups not working.
Update to layout.css and application.js to fix issue with navigation staying open on touch devices.
Update to USN_AC_BannerSection.cshtml. Changed position of scroll prompt. Solved issue with scroll prompt being hidden if no text or buttons added to banner. 
Update to USN_TabbedListingSection.cshtml. Only show tabs when more than one listing page selected
Update to USNAdvancedPage.cshtml, USNAdvancedPageBlogPost.cshtml, USNBlogLandingPage.cshtml, USNLoginPage.cshtml, USNSearchResultsPage.cshtml, USNSitemapPage.cshtml, USNStandardPage.cshtml, USNStandardPageBlogPost.cshtml. Include logic to add custom classes to body tag if entered in CMS.
 Update to USN_AC_ThumbnailSlider.cshtml, USN_SC_GallerySection.cshtml. Change functionality to disable link to image if no link has been entered and lightwindow has been disabled.
 USN_TopNavigation.cshtml renamed to USN_SecondaryNavigation.cshtml
 Update to USN_BlogMeta.cshtml. Remove link from author name if no link entered in CMS.
 Update to USNMaster.cshtml. Tilda added before all references to local stylesheets and javascript files.
 Update to USNInstaller.dll. Added logic to create Template hierarchy when package installed.
 Update to USNStarterKit.dll. Change logic that displays Vimeo video in liqhtwindow so that this works when website is served via https.

Issue with header rendering. Following files updated:

Major rebuild. See our blog post for further details.
Package installation actions no longer supported on Umbraco Cloud. Installation process moved to ensure that uSkinned Themes are now fully compatible with Umbraco Cloud.
Update to USN_BlogDisqusCommentCountScript.cshtml to reference Disqus using protocol relative URL.
Update to USN_SearchResults.cshtml to remove unnecessary sort.
Package installation actions moved to App_Code folder. Resolves issue with package installation not completing on Umbraco Cloud.
USNStarterKitDataResolvers.dll added to package. Required for syncing data created by uSkinned Data Types with Umbraco Cloud deployments.
Introduction of Domain Licensing
Update to USN_SC_AccordionTabSection.cshtml. Fix issue with IE9 which resulted in accordion not opening.
Update to USN_AC_PodSection.cshtml. Changed logic around the display of the introduction heading so that outer div is not displayed if content is empty.
Update to USN_HeaderImageSection.cshtml. Changed logic around the display of this section so that outer div is not displayed if section not used.
Update to USN_AC_TextVideoOrImageSection.cshtml and Document Type Text/Video or Image Section. New property added for displaying 'Light window footer' text.
Update to USN_BlogAuthorship.cshtml, layout.css and Document Type Blog Author. New property added for displaying 'Author image'.
Update to USN_LoginForm.cshtml, USNLoginPage.cshtml, USNLoginFormSurfaceController.cs, USNLoginFormViewModel.cs. This update improves functionality around membership login so that if a user is browsing a page inside a password protected area and their session times out, they will be redirected to the correct page on logging back in.
Update to USNDataService.cs. Removed unused methods.
Update to USN_AC_SignupSubpageListingSection.cshtml. Wrong property used for page summary text.
Update to USN_ContentColumnStyle.cshtml, USN_PodAndNavColumn.cshtml to fix issue with responsive layout for some scenarios.
Update to USN_Breadcrumb.cshtml. Add active class to month name when viewing month listing. Fixes small styling issue.
Update to USN_HeaderImageSection.cshtml. Fix error when no banner style selected.
Update to USN_AC_BannerSection.cshtml. Fix error when no banner style selected.
Update to USN_SC_AccordionTabSection.cshtml, USN_SC_Alert.cshtml, USN_SC_Blockquote.cshtml, USN_SC_CodeSection.cshtml, USN_SC_GallerySection.cshtml, USN_SC_LinksSection.cshtml, USN_SC_SlideshowSection.cshtml, USN_SC_TextSection.cshtml. This update fixes a minor layout issue when Standard Components are added to Standard Blog Post pages.
Update to Document Type USNGlobalSettings and USN_FooterSocialLinks.cshtml to add link options for Behance and SoundCloud.
Update to Document Type USNBlogAuthor and USN_BlogAuthorship.cshtml to add social links option.
Update to layout.css and /images/icons/social.png to include new social icons.
Update to /App_Code/USNBusinessLogic/USNRegisterEvents.cs. Fix error when attempting to delete an unpublished node.
Update to /scripts/application.js. Fix minor issue when using scroll prompt on standard pages header section. Scroll position not correct.
Update to /css/layout.css. Minimum height added to banners for better readability across screen sizes.
Update to USNMaster.cshtml. Missing reference to /css/ie.css
Using IE9 browser, animated elements will not display without this fix.
Major rebuild. For further details read our blog post.
Update to USN_BlogAuthorship.cshtml to fix issue with author name getting displayed incorrectly on blog post page.
Update to USN_Breadcrumb.cshtml to remove category folder from being included in link structure when viewing a category listing and remove post folder being included in link structure when viewing a blog post.
Update to USN_BlogMeta.cshtml to fix category alignment if Disqus username not entered.
Update to USN_BlogCategoryNavigation.cshtml so that icon only displayed on subcategories.
Update to DataService.cs and PostService.cs. Fix list caching bug if more than one blog is present on website.
Blog Category and Blog Author moved from Website Configuration folder to below the blog landing page. This update allows for multiple Blog sections to be added to your website if required. This update required changes to USN_BlogListing.cshtml, USN_BlogCategoryNavigation.cshtml, USN_SEOPageHead.cshtml
Way in which Global Settings node is referenced changed in following files: USN_FooterQuickLinks.cshtml, USN_MainNavigation.cshtml, USN_TopNavigation.cshtml, USN_SitewidePods.cshtml, USN_SC_ListSection.cshtml, USN_FooterContactInformation.cshtml, USN_FooterScripts.cshtml, USN_FooterSocialLinks.cshtml, USN_HeaderScripts.cshtml, USN_Icons.cshtml, USN_InternalStyles.cshtml, USN_SEOPageHead.cshtml, USN_WebsiteLogo.cshtml
Update to rteditor.css. With Umbraco 7.3.0 stylesheets are no longer stored in the database. Custom styles require specific comment format in order to work when using Formats dropdown in Rich Text Editor Data Type.
Updated package installer and App_Code/USNBusinessLogic/RegisterEvent.cs. ContentService now called using ApplicationContext.Current.Services.ContentService rather than new ContentService() which no longer exists in 7.3.0
Update to USN_SC_GallerySection.cshtml to fix bug when thumbnail image selected for video.
Update to USN_SWP_VideoPod.cshtml to fix bug when thumbnail image selected for video.
Updated all partial views to inherit from UmbracoTemplatePage.
Partial views now organised into logical folders.
Document types organised into logical parent structure.
All images now controlled via the media library rather than cropped directly on node.
All non content managed text that appears on this theme is now controlled via Umbracos Dictionary. This means that it is now very easy to change the language of the theme and provide multi-lingual support if required.
Instructions label added to Document types with child elements or no properties.
Removed the need for installation of third party package MultiUrlPicker.
New custom Data type created to handle links.
Added carriage returns to property descriptions.
IsNullString() check on properties replaced with Umbraco.HasValue().
Tidied code across various partial views,
New tab added to several document types called 'Component Settings'.
Updated package installer to work with Umbraco version 7.2.7
Update to USN_Icons.cshtml. Favicon updated to use Image from CMS.
Update to USN_APC_SubpageSignupSection.cshtml. Updated to list Advanced Pages if present.
Package updated to remove images no longer used.
Frontend reworked and integrated with Bootstrap 3.
New Advanced Page type.
New component utilising the new Umbraco Grid Editor control.
Update to USN_Breadcrumb.cshtml. Breadcrumb enhancement with improvements to rich snippets.
Update to USN_FooterSocialLinks.cshtml. Fixed incorrect Flickr footer social link.
Property 'Thumbnail image' on 'Video Pod' Document Type updated to use Image Cropper. Updated USN_SWP_VideoPod.cshtml to recognise new image location.
Update to USN_PC_GallerySection.cshtml. Lightwindow not active if thumbnail image uploaded for video.
Update to USN_NewsletterSignup.cshtml and NewsletterSignupSurfaceController.cs. Signup error was targeting wrong div.
Update to USN_SearchResults.cshtml. Updated to ignore special characters in search term.
Website logo, favicon and touch icons now controlled via CMS.
Update to USN_SEOPageHead.cshtml. URL of Open Graph image when applied directly to a page incorrect.
Update to USN_Sitemap.cshtml to search for pages to be displayed by including specified Document Types rather than excluding specified Document Types.
Update to Homepage Document Type. Number validation changed to allow blank entries.
Update to USN_MainNavigation.cshtml to add IsVisible check.
Update to Document Type Icons that are used for page elements or settings. Orange icon now used to make Umbraco Content tree more visually intuative.
Update to USN_SWP_ImagePod.cshtml to fix error when lightwindow is disabled.
Update to USN_PC_GallerySection.cshtml to fix error when lightwindow is disabled.
Update base.css so that the style "Introduction paragraph" works when applied to spans via the Rich Text Editor.
Update to USN_FooterSocialLinks.cshtml to fix bug for Instagram link.
Update to USN_PC_LinkSection.cshtml to fix bug for external links.
Default content blog categories now assigned correctly
Logo text now controlled via CMS
Hide close button option added to alert boxes
Hide from sitemap option replaced with umbracoNaviHide
Updated package installer to work with Umbraco version 7.2.
Initial release.

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