We have rebuilt the starter kit from the ground up for Umbraco 8, learning from 5 years of feedback from our valued customers. Much like its predecessor, Source theme for Umbraco 7, this theme is perfect for anything from rapid prototypes to the starting point for your own custom web designs. Fabric comes packed with all the features you need to launch a responsive and engaging website with Umbraco 8.

Colour Manager

One theme, unlimited possibilities. Take full control of your website colour palette from inside the CMS. Within seconds you can suit any theme to any brand using our intuitive user interface. Publish the colour palette at a global or page by page basis. 

Styles & Themes

As well as being able to create any number of website styles you can even install multiple uSkinned themes into the one solution. You can then mix and match your colour palettes and themes on both a site-wide and page by page basis.


Mega Navigation

Drag and drop, multi-level navigation will give you full control over the user journey. Add any number of items you wish, including; internal, external and media links.

Visual settings

Conditional and icon-based settings are used throughout to ensure an uncluttered and familiar user interface for the content editor inside the CMS. 

Plus, lots more!

We've added tons of new features into our Umbraco 8 themes.
Here's a snapshot of what else you can achieve:


We only use the one-page template to ensure maximum flexibility when building up your site's content.

Carousel Options

Choose to organise an image/video galleries and banners into a carousel and pick whether that should autoplay.

Nested Content

Components such as Pods, Banners and Carousels now fully integrated with Umbraco Core's Nested Content.

Reusable Content

Build up a bank of reusable components and pods that can be used in multiple places on your website.

Footer options

Re-configure the layout of the footer from within the CMS without the need for changes to code.

SEO Options

Configure your Sitemap XML, robots.txt and meta data to improve your search engine rankings within the CMS.

Umbraco Forms

Full integration of Umbraco Forms that allows you to build any type of GDPR ready form you need.

On-page Scripts

Improve your goal tracking with on-page scripts that can be added at a page-by-page level.

Google reCAPTCHA

State of the art spam & abuse protection for all forms in your website.

Check out the demo today or read about it on our blog.

Theme Updates

Theme Information

Current Version Number
Current Version Release Date
28 Jan 2019
Umbraco Versions Tested
8.3 - 8.6
Browser support
Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge

Fix to color picker to get correct options if style has been overridden.

File missing from installation.

Files previously referenced via CDN. Now referenced locally and included in package.

Paragraph heading in grid not pulling color correctly.

Files previously referenced via CDN. Now referenced locally and included in package.

Folder missing from installation.

Script files referenced via CDN now referenced locally.

CSS files referenced via CDN now referenced locally.

Update to installer code to allow installation of theme with pre-existing starter kit.
~/Views/USNBlogLandingPage.cshtml, ~/Views/USNLoginPage.cshtml, ~/Views/USNSearchResults.cshtml

Fixes issue when Full page layout selected.

Meta text colour not displaying correctly.

Layout updates to Multi Node Tree Picker Data Type and bug fixes to select correct start node.

Layout updates to Theme Picker Data Type.

Sitemap XML update to include blog category pages.

Heading and meta colour logic fix.

SEO Meta Title using wrong field name for override.

Split Component text missing button borders.

Meta text colour not displaying correctly.

Listing pod layout issue when image left or right aligned.
Initial release. . Find out more on our blog.

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